“Youth Agenda, A Positive Phenomenon Globally”- Sesi Whingan Speaks

Youth Agenda, A Positive Phenomenon Globally- Whingan

Youth agenda has been said to be a positive global phenomenon all over the world as the youths are the major drivers of world economies all over.

A Philanthropist cum businessman, Mr. Sesi Whingan in a press briefing with pressmen believes if the youths are given a major role in government the change we so desire will come faster than being currently witnessed.

Whingan who promised to work assiduously in ensuring that Badagry young people have a voice in this emerging new order emphasized that he will strategically Empower, Repower and Re-harness the potentials of young Badagrians.

“We will systematically seek from the old order give to the young much-needed experience to perform creditably well in the position of leadership,” He said.

Sesi Whingan an advocate of good governance believes with the coming together of Youths in Badagry, Badagry will be a great place among places to be in Nigeria

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