Young Badagrians Applaud Hon Sesi Whingan for Raising the Bar of ‘Governance’ As he gifts Youths Exotic cars for their Dedication to Badagry Development!

Hon Sesi Whingan, the APC Candidate Elect in the just concluded primaries seems to be having positive vibes from young people Badagry from all walks of life. This synerio was establish when the social media was fun of praises and commendation to the young phanlantropist.

As we peruse and go through the timelines of Badagry Youth in their hundred, we notice a Trending news of this young phanlantropist turned politician awarding sets of exotic corolla cars to two of his wonderful followers

Searching further in the comments section we could authoritatively report that Hon Sesi Whingan gifted these two gentlemen these surprise gift for their steadfastness and dedication to party work and the love of Badagry generally reporters were made to understand that one of the youth Mr kehinde Haasan, populaly call Alhaji Hassan is the arrowhead and the brain behind the free NIN Registration centre in Ibereko that was established by the honourable with his foundation members.

This free NIN Registration one of many laudable project implemented by the young erudite politician.

See some of the comments of Badagrians below

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