“We Will Push And Grab It” — Tinubu’s Boy Afonja Saheed Releases Official Message To Lagos Youths !


As the stage is getting set to elect state executive members of the ruling party APC, One of the favourite contestant for the position of the state youth leader Comrade Akanbi Ade Afonja has said this to his teeming fans that he is not desperate to become the state youth  of the ruling party, however he knows with God all this things are possible and he believes has the will-power to grab the position 

in his exact words culled from his facebook page  he said:


Because we believe so much only in whatever God has destined for us.

We can be, we might not be, that’s God’s wish

Those who believe in us are speaking through the voice of Almighty..

EPE DIVISION has remain committed to our vision

BADAGRY DIVISION has remain wonderfully for this project

IKORODU DIVISION will be massive for us…..

IKEJA DIVISION knows what we can do and Majority had remain with us even those we never expected to be with us are with us.

LAGOS ISLAND/ MAINLAND where the outgoing State Youth Leader and the Deputy State Youth Leader came from can attest to our qualities and capability, so they have remain strong and bold with us because they knew our youthful strength, creativity and strength….

I must confess at this stage, that if things doesn’t work out as excepted, it means that God don’t want us there at the moment….

My prayer always is that GOD Almighty should put or positioned us in a place where our ideologies will reflect in people’s character and style……

If truly the Prayer has been answered, the time is now…. If GOD’s will is not ready to favour us, there is no amount of efforts that can Changed that.

Please don’t abuse or fight anyone because of me, this is a collective project, we will push and grab it together if God truly desire us for it.

I pledge to be a YOUTH LEADER of all and not for FEW…….

I belong to all, but my identity for #GOD#BAT#AMBO and #YOU can never be changed….

Vote me….. You will be proud.

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