Warning!!!! Don’t Touch Igbo lady on these 3 parts of her body!!!!

These Are 3 Places You Will Touch A Girl And She Might Slap You.

People are often described as having either high self-esteem, meaning they think very well of themselves and their abilities, or low self-esteem, meaning they are filled with doubts and criticisms about themselves and their abilities. People with low self-esteem may experience many problems in their lives.

Girls with high self esteem don’t simply follow the followers. People with healthy self-esteem feel confident in their own opinions, interests, and beliefs. They are capable of making their own decisions, regardless of what the “crowd” is doing. They look for reasons to release others and believe in the ability of others to make decisions.

Some girls have no time for pretence. They will tell you off and avoid your company if it doesn’t add value to their lives.

These are three places a girl might get angry if you touch her.

Many girls don’t just like it when you touch their head.

Apart from a married man touching his wife’s stomach, maybe when she is pregnant or just normal, many girls easily get angry if you touch their stomach.

Ladies are attractive, especially ladies who are curvy, that can attract a man to the extent of touching their waist or any part of their body they don’t like you to touch.

You can use the comment box to also drop other places girls gets angry if you touch them.

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