Two of a kind!!! Humanitarian Services Flow In Badagry As Sesi Whingan Foundation And RAK Development Foundation Show Commitment In Repositioning Badagry !!!

Badagry in its entirety for quite some time has not witnessed this happening in terms of social welfare and unquantifiable humane kindness!
The truism of the above postulation has vividly shown in recent time and in most sectors in the life of an average Badagrian. where two foundations(probably 3, the Olu kosoko foundation inclusive that were initiated and spearheaded by youths, HON SESINU WHINGAN of Sesi whingan foundation and Mr MOBOLAJI OGUNLENDE of RAK Development foundation show commitment even with little or inadequate presence of government infrastructures, and inadequate representation to ameliorate the social welfare services to the people living in Badagry.

These two gentlemen have shown that humanitarian flows in their DNAs and humane kindness is their driving force.

Past 3 years or thereabout, Their scorecard though not well documented is of envy to all and of emulation to people that love humanitarian services.

Recall that starting from when the world was helpless, when pandemic ravaged the entire earth, the Sesi whingan foundation and the RAK development foundation came to the rescue of Badagrians through their foundations, using their personal efforts and hard-earned money to subdue Hunger and poverty through distributions of thousands of bags of palliatives to vulnerable and indigents people of Badagry.

When Sesi whingan foundation was busy distributing food items to people from Morogbo to seme, RAK in the same vein also complimented the efforts, took his foundation distribution scheme to the hinterland and riverine communities in Badagry.

When the RAK development foundation was busy electrifying communities, through the provision of transformers, the sesi whigan foundation took upon himself the herculean task by singlehandedly face-lifting Lagos state healthcare centre at POTA in Badagry.
The foundation not only did that, but it also provided medical and non-medical equipment running to several millions of Naira to the health centre.

You may also recall that during the yuletide season, these two foundations were all over Badagry and it corridor donating and distributing yuletide gifts and putting smiles on Badagrians faces

Counting in numbers, Sesi whingan distributed over 100 bags of 50kg bags of rice to Badagry for the new year celebration, RAK also did equally through his TAP initiatives.

Little wonders most awards and symposiums organised in Badagry during this period were graced by them. Moreso, these ‘two super youths” will not go without announcing their donations and financial supports towards the success of the programmes.

The electrification project of the palace of The newly crowned Hawee of Ikoga was superbly done by Sesi Whingan Foundation More like that was also the electrification of communities in itoga was also executed by RAK Development Foundation.

After counting numerous real acts of kindness and extraordinary humane social welfare by these two organizations to people of Badagry, which space and time may not give us the luxury to itemise. it is however pertinent to note that, More recently, the two foundations went on to provide 2 brand new digital printing machine for the NIMC centre in Badagry to easy the registration process of obtaining the National Identity cards that the FG has made mandatory for all Nigerians to posses.

we at the CURRENT NEWS NOW .Com want to continue to set the record straight, that these two foundations have performed wonderfully well to be commended by the government and the people in positions of authority both at the national, state and even the local government levels. and we are proud of their initiatives.

indeed, they are changing the narratives of Badagry globally!!

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