SHOCKING; I Enjoy it, …I Can’t Stop Sleeping With My Father — 14 years old Girl Confesses

I’ve been sleeping with my father since I was 14years old and I can’t love any other man again.

I am Tinuke Ajenufuja. I hail from Ekiti state where I have two elder brothers and one elder sister.

My father is Mr. Samuel Ajenufuja. I love going out with my father and taking a bath with my father.

One faithful day, my father and I went for an outing. On getting home back, we couldn’t meet my mum and my elder ones at home.

That’s where it all started. My father said he wants to go and have his birth. I told him we should bath together which he agreed on.

On getting to the bathroom, I touched my father d…k with the hope that he would hit my hand but he doesn’t.

The next thing I could see is my father’s body arouse. He slept with me inside the bathroom.

Ever since then, my father and I enjoy sleeping with each other.

It has gotten to stage that my mother is now disturbing me to bring my fiancee.

She doesn’t know I don’t have a fiancee coz I enjoyed sleeping with my father.

My father is my fiancee.

How would I tell my mother that my father is my fiancee?

Please come to my rescue. What can I do?

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