In Lagos, School Charges Pre-Nursery Students Over 2 Million Naira Per Year- The Break Down Of Cost, Will Shock You


The break down of fees payable by students of a certain school located in the Lekki area of Lagos State has surfaced online and has attracted different reactions from Nigerians.

As can be seen below, Pre-school and Nursery school students pay well above 2 Million Naira.

Reracting to this, someone wrote, “If I have the money it isn’t a problem, where “BIG” problem will start is when after paying such amount and I ask my child to remind me of one of Newtons laws and the silly child screams “Bugs bunny!! Thats all folks”. The principal, the headmaster, the teachers, and the head of PTA plus my child, all of them go sleep cell.” Lol.

Someone once said, “Good education is expensive.” So if the quality of learning, exposure and care received by the students commensurate with the fees, I really do not mind; provided I can afford it.

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