JAMB 2019 : 30 Likely JAMB Questions And Answers On Sweet Sixteen

What will Jamb set in Sweet Sixteen for 2019 UTME and what are the top hot likely questions to come out in Jamb 2019 Sweet Sixteen? I am going to share very important Sweet Sixteen (16) Questions and Answers for Jamb 2019.

The 40 Questions and answers will cover every Chapter in Jamb Sweet Sixteen (16). However, the Likely Sweet 16 Questions will not be arranged topic by topic.

After all said and done, below are Questions in Jamb Sweet Sixteen (16) to help you in 2019. Trust me, questions are likely to come out from there.

Jamb Sweet Sixteen (16) Questions And Answers
Questions 1:

What is the main message of the story about the hunter?

Answer: Parents should pass across their wealth of knowledge to their children and the children should do the same when they grow up.

Questions 2:

In the Novel, Aliya is suffering from a health condition known as ___

Answer: Asthma

Questions 3:

Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet Sixteen” is written in?

Answer: First person narrative

Questions 4:

Although, many people thought Grace was a snob but Aliya thinks she was?

Answer: Nice and Generous

Questions 5

The novel “Sweet Sixteen” is published by?

Answer: Masobe Books

Questions 6:

At what point did Aliya start to consider being a lawyer as a career?

Answer: When she found Grisham’s book at the library.

Questions 7

In the novel, Aliya is assertive that whenever anyone wants her father’s full attention should?

Answer: Tell him a story

Questions 8

According to the sweet sixteen novel, which of these society has “Fat-farms”, where girls were force-fed to fatten them up in the novel?

Answer: Mauritania

Questions 9

The spinal bond document gift from Aliya’s father has on it, which of these bold inscriptions?

Answer: Letter to my Daughter

Questions 10

According to the novel, which of these character is described as a clear gold medalist?

Answer: Akin

Questions 11

What does HAK mean in the book?

Answer: Hugs and kisses.

Questions 12

As a child, Aliya hated to be called a child but a

Answer: Young adult

Questions 13

According to the Novel, K.P.C is a social media language that means

Answer: Keep the parent clueless

Questions 14

Which of these is a constant presence in Aliya’s life?

Answer: Her Ventolin Inhaler

Questions 15

Who is Mr. Bello’s favourite musician

Answer: Mr. Bello listened to Fela’s music and other songs too but his favourite musician is Ali Farka Toure which is from Mali

Questions 16

Whenever Aliya’s mum stops being angry, she

Answer: sings around the house

Questions 17

Apart from the Malian singer, who was Mr. Bello’s favourite, whose music does he like too?

Answer: Fela’s music

Questions 18

Which of the gifts Aliya receives from her father had she requested for her 16th birthday?

Answer: The compact digital camera

Questions 19

According to the novel, at what time was Aliya so sure that she wanted to be a pilot?

Answer: About entering senior class

Questions 20

Due to Aliya’s health condition, she suggests donating which of these to the school clinic?

Answer: Nebuliser

Questions 21

Being generous, according to Mr. Bello means

Answer: going out of your way to make others happy

Questions 22

Which of these stories was told by Aliya’s father to teach her kindness even to unkind people in the novel?

Answer: The slave and the slaver

Questions 23

What Mr. Bello detest most are not saying your prayers on time and

Answer: Telling lies

Questions 24

According to the novel, Aliya was in dire need for her mother to reveal a secret to her about her father. What is the secret?

Answer: The secret of making his tea

Questions 25

In the novel, the Gandhi’s test is to teach Aliya that

Answer: Contentment is wealth

Questions 26

“Beauty is nothing, but character is needed”. This sentence means

Answer: having a good character is the most beautiful thing

Questions 27

Aliya’s father tries to teach Aliya chess because

Answer: it will make her think strategically

Questions 28

Bolaji Abdullahi obtained B.Sc degree in mass communication from

Answer: University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Questions 29

In the novel, if the chapter “stereotype” themed on religious issues, The chaper 1 “The Drive” is on?

Answer: Self-Improvement

Questions 30

In the novel, who often jokes that she was surprised Aliya’s father didn’t name her “CHELSEA”?

Answer: Aliya’s mother

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