I did not join politics to make money or for any sort of self-aggrandizement – Sesi Whinghan

Prince Hon. Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan, a leading House of Representatives aspirant, Badagry Federal Constituency by 2023 has said he did not join politics to make money or for any sort of self-aggrandizement.

The young philanthropist turned politician made the remark while addressing some youth who thronged out en-masse to identify with him at a new year party hosted by Prince Wale Adesina, a former Secretary to Olorunda Local Council Development Area and Chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC at Mowo area of Olorunda Lcda, Lagos State.

Addressing the youth, Prince Sesi said he decided to join politics basically for aggressive development of Badagry and to have a voice backed by authority to effect rapid developments across board. He said the pace at which Badagry’s development is moving is the causative factor for unemployment, poverty, infrastructural deficiency, lack of industries and ease of doing business.

The successful young business mogul and real estate developer said its high time Badagry Federal Constituency gives capable people with true passion for selfless services a chance to address the real issues militating against the development of Badagry at the national assembly.

His words:
“My co-youths, I am not in politics to make money or for any self-aggrandizement. By God’s grace am doing fine. My only priority is Badagry’s development. The pace at which our country-home is developing is worrisome to some of us. We can’t just fold our hands and watch. Though, I have been doing my best through my foundation in the past seven years, to ensure our people’s suffering are alleviated in every strata, but there’s need for a true voice of a selfless representative at the National Assembly.”

“As an individual, there’s a limit to what I can do to help the situation, but with a legislative powers, many wrongs will be rewritten.”

“Obviously, am a youth like you, I understand what it entails to be unemployed, I have tasted poverty before, my success is not just overnight, I have once searched for jobs; I know where the shoe pinches us and definitely know the soothing corners: with your supports for the journey to the House of Representatives, Badagry will be greater again. I will do everything to give you a representation that you will be proud of forever. A representation that will take our resourceful youths out from smuggling, Okada riding to a gainful jobs and businesses, a representation that will ensure infrastructure developments to ease business doing, a representation that will birth industries and provide enviable jobs for our teeming youth, a representation that will develop our education, a representation that will ensure women empowerments and youth capacity building.”

” These I can not do alone, but with your supports by 2023, we are good to go,” Whingan said.

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