How Daystar, Elevation Church got entangled in N22b Ponzi scheme

A couple, identified as Bamise Samson and Elizabeth Ajetunmobi, have disappeared into thin air with investors’ N22 billion.

The couple, said to be owners of Imagine Global Solutions (Imagine Lenders) Investment Scheme, allegedly scammed people to the tune of N22 billion.

Many distraught investors have taken to social media to express their shock and revealed how much they had invested.

A particular investor was said to be suicidal.

Also, a WhatsApp group has been created where victims are urged to join and talk about their investments and how to track and locate the fleeing couple.

Some of the investors are said to be members of different churches in Nigeria, including Daystar Christian Centre and The Elevation Church.

PiggyVest was also said to be a victim.

However, TEC and PiggyVest had promptly denied the allegation by coming out with statements.

Different people have taken to social media to reveal their ordeals.

One of them said his friend invested N20 million, asking how he could join the WhatsApp group for victims.

Another investor stated that he invested N69.5 million.

Another person said: “A friend’s company invested 1 Billion. And their office is currently locked. She told me this week, no trace of them yet.”

A woman mentioned that her husband invested almost N90 million.

Another woman stated her husband, who was a senior colleague of Ajetunmobi when they were in Zenith Bank PLC, had invested almost N30 million.

While revealing that she knew many people who invested in Ajetunmobi’s scheme, added that the man last week stopped picking her husband’s phone calls.

She added: “One guy resigned from Zenith bank due to plenty of returns he was getting from the investment, he raised 500 Million from different people. Now the guy has been suicidal….I heard they (Bamise and Elizabeth) bought a big house at Banana Island also.”

Latest information however has it that the couple, with a home in highbrow Banana Island in Lagos State, and known for going for expensive trips, no longer live Nigeria.

They are believed to be in the United Kingdom.

An Instagram user: @trapselena: alleged that Piggyvest and other top organisations in Nigeria invested in the company.

The user narrated: “Just like MMM, Muyiwa and Glory Osei, MBA, etc., another financial fraud couple has struck again. Nigerians will never learn.

“This couple Bamise and Elizabeth are currently on the run with monies of Nigerians running into billions.

“The man, a former staff of Zenith bank, operates a micro-lending platform for small and medium-scale traders.

“He collects money from investors, lends to the traders at 22 per cent interest, and then returns 10 per cent of the profit to investors monthly.

“The lady is one of the clique members of Naija brand chic , and she runs a domestic staffing platform for hiring help.

“For the past couple of months, investors have neither seen their money nor heard from them.

“At this point now, the couple is in hiding and possibly out of the country as they have investments outside Nigeria.

“They have a house in Dubai and one in the UK.

“Late last year, they bought citizenship to Antigua and Barbuda for themselves and two kids.

“The lady is enrolled in East London University UK. Major investors include Elevation church which gave them N500M.

“They attend Daystar Christian Centre where some of the money has been donated towards church programmes.

“Total exposure from people that are known is currently to the tune of N22 billion, and more people are still coming out.

“There is an ongoing recovery WhatsApp group I hear is filling up, and they are being tracked in the UK as people have started filing with EFCC to connect with Interpol to fish them out.”

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