EXTRA: You Can’t Make Heaven If You Eat ‘Titus Fish’, Says Prophetess

Social media went agog after a video of a pastor telling her congregation that they would not go to heaven if they continue eating “Titus fish” or taking vitamin C, surfaced online.

“If you continue taking Vitamin C, bet it, you can’t make it, how can you make heaven? Unless you go and stop it and do your deliverance,” she was heard saying.

“Is it not ascorbic acid? Ascorbic acid is not produced anywhere on earth. Ascorbic acid comes directly from the deep sea. Some of you still enjoy Titus fish.

“You can’t make heaven while you are still eating Titus fish. You can’t make heaven while you’re eating Titus fish also. You must go for deliverance.”

It is unclear when the video was released. The location of the church is also unknown.


Ascorbic acid, popularly referred to as vitamin C, is a vitamin found in various foods and sold as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters

A deficiency in vitamin C can lead to scurvy, a disease characterised by weakness, fatigue, sore arms and legs.

If scurvy is not treated on time, it could lead to convulsion and even death.


Mackerel is a common name applied to a number of different species of pelagic fish, mostly from the family Scombridae. It is also called Titus fish, especially in Nigeria.

Titus fish is rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which reduces inflammation and potentially lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Despite the many health benefits of vitamin C and Titus fish, the prophetess told her congregation to shun them over a belief that they are reportedly associated with evil.

The video has since stirred reactions from Nigerians as many found the comment unbelievable and hilarious.

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