Dauda Lawal @56: The Quintessential Philanthropist, You need To Know !!

Dauda Lawal @56: The Quintessential Philanthropist They Don’t Know

By Bala Gusau

Dr. Dauda Lawal, a political scientist, seasoned banker, is a man who believes in serving humanity and touching the lives of the less privileged and the downtrodden. He has been maligned without facts because his traducers are desperate to scandalize and push him out for a selfish reason known to them – these agents of doom are people that know extremely well the volume of interventions and philanthropic services enthusiastically executed by the man known as GAMJIN GUSAU.

As a coward loses dreams because of fragility, a cautious person loses dreams thinking of possibility, but a brave heart like Dauda Lawal has demonstrated the courage to turn them into reality. No wonder he is described within the banking sector as the finest financial expert Northern Nigeria ever had.

The best way to celebrate the 56th birthday of this iconic personality is to educate the general public, especially the misled, on facts they don’t know about Lawal. It will be unjust to the cause of service to humanity not to bring to open the role of the few that chose to positively touch the lives of the poor.

This is a man that had never in his life worked in the public sector, a vital point that everyone need to know. Lawal spent over 25 years in the banking sector, from scratch to the peak of his career. In 2018, he resigned as the Executive Director of First Bank, the oldest and biggest bank in Nigeria. Lawal’s hard earned money is always channeled in promoting the welfare of others and providing support to public institutions.

Lawal’s philanthropic footprints were visible in Federal University, Gusau where he constructed a dual three and a half kilometer road, and a security gatehouse. He built a 350 capacity hostel at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Gusau and also paid for the accreditation of the school. While in the School of Health Technology, Tsafe he built a set of well-equipped four blocks of classrooms.

What many don’t know is that Lawal’s intervention is beyond his hometown, he built well-equipped blocks of classrooms at Police College, Kaduna; renovated blocks of classrooms and built a computer lab at Government Secondary School Kachia. He constructed a Juma’at mosque at ITN Zaria, as well as renovated the famous Railway Station Juma’at Mosque in Kaduna State.

In Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, his alma mater, Lawal built a three-story building consisting of lecture halls and staff offices; donated a brand new costa bus to the department of Political Science, where he graduated. He also built blocks of classrooms fully equipped at the Faculty of Medicine, Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto.

Guga village in Katsina State is the hometown of Lawal’s mother and where he obtained his primary education. He built a standard Primary Healthcare for the town; renovated schools; built a computer lab. He provides portable water for the whole community using motorized borehole through solar.

Lawal’s selfless service to humanity will forever remained a signature that is loud and clear. Everybody carries out their life assignments in the best way they can, but the grace with which he has carried the burden of others on his shoulders demonstrates one thing, that he is a man laden with a heart of gold.

He is tenacious in battle and in whatever his hand finds to do. He is a philanthropist that is passionate about the plight of the people, to bring succor, he provided numerous job opportunities especially in Zamfara State.

Lawal established Zam blocks, the largest block industry in the state. He creates employment for the youths through his Zam rice mills, Azuma water, and Zam agro chemical (the biggest fertilizer blending company in Northern Nigeria).

Directly or indirectly, Dr. Dauda Lawal remains a mentor to many, a father to many, especially the fatherless; at the same time a stubborn advocate of what is right, true and just. As Mandela, said: “life affords no higher pleasure than farming new wishes and seeing them gratified.”

In his view and approach to life, Lawal has camped around the righteous path. He mourned with those that are mourning and celebrated with those that are celebrating. That is why his life and sun can never go down.

By way of background, Dauda Lawal hails from Gusau local government area of Zamfara State. He was born into a business oriented family on the 2nd of September, 1965. He is happily married with children. He is a humble and resilient achiever, who has progressively and timely obtained various academic qualifications from Ahmadu Bello University to Harvard and Oxford Business School.

As he marks another birthday, it is important to stress the fact that character is like a smoke; it cannot be hidden for too long. Ever humble and down to earth, Dr. Dauda Lawal has through hard work, diligence and proven strength of character, earned the respect of the people of Zamfara State. Happy Birthday, Gamji!

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