CRACKER: Why Tinubu Is Loved By Many People — Tinubu’s Boy Sesi Whigan, Opens Up

Sesinu Oluwaseun Whingan, the founder of Sesi Whingan Foundation, is a politician and youth philanthropist. In this brief encounter, he told Mujeeb Oyedeji why many people love the former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, why he enjoys doing humanitarian services, his political career and other issues. Excerpts

You are an ardent follower of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, what is the reason for this?

Many of your colleagues have asked me this same question before, but I keep telling them there’s no politician today in Nigeria that is as selfless and as great as Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Consider his exploits in the days of NADECO, how he fought the different military juntas and how he was instrumental to the restoration of democracy in Nigeria. Aside from all these, he is such a leader that has made several other leaders. The most endearing thing I love about Asiwaju is that he is a politician who believes in giving the youths the opportunity to lead. You and I are living witnesses of how many youths Asiwaju Tinubu has made leaders who are thriving till today. We are all witnesses to how he transformed Lagos to Africa’s biggest economic hub. To me, Asiwaju is a living legend, a political leader whose achievement is unmatched.

What do you think has endeared him to many people nationally?

It is his selflessness and humility; Asiwaju is neither a religious nor ethnic chauvinist. He is a friend and leader to so many people in the North, South and East. He is the only Nigerian living politician that could be said to be a true nationalist. All others are pretenders. That is why in Lagos today, we have an Hausa man, Igbo man, the middle belt who have, and are still occupying political positions. You can only find this in Lagos. Asiwaju is a completely detribalised politician in Nigeria. Just this week, he donated N50million to Katsina fire victims and today, I learnt he has promised to renovate the Ahmadu Bello University library with immediate effect. This he does across the nation, why won’t he be loved by all?

As a youth, you have your eyes on politics; what and what do you think you can offer to make a change?

I can offer selflessness, purposeful and responsive leadership. Over time, I have observed with keen interest the trend of politics in Nigeria and I have discovered that most of the people in corridors of power lack selfless, purposeful and responsive leadership qualities. Most of them do not even know that leadership is a clarion call to serve the people. I have traveled far and near across the world; I have mingled with so many leaders in Nigeria and abroad; my discovery is that leaders in advanced countries lead to make good names, but back here in Nigeria, it’s more of a selfish reason and how to grow one’s bank account. As a youth, when given the opportunity to serve my people, I will be a servant leader whose only objective is to listen to my people, improve their lives and make greatness common, just like the slogan of my foundation. I know what my people want and that’s exactly what I will strive to ensure they get.

It is a misconception about what leadership is. Most of our present leaders see leadership as a means to become rich overnight. Most of them believe if you lead, you will or should not be poor. But I bet you, anyone with this mindset cannot be a good leader. That’s why most of them failed.

In the last few years, you’ve done so much philanthropic services for your folks in Badagry as a whole; what is the motivation or secret behind this passion?

Nothing motivates me rather than the passion for humanitarian services.

Source : The Nation

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