..As Long As You Can Deliver On Votes, I Guarantee That I’ll Pay You Money”– Tinubu Makes Another ‘Dangerous’ Statement

All Progressives Congress stalwart, Bola Tinubu, has told those asking questions about the presence of bullion vans at his residence in Bourdillon, Ikoyi, to mind their business, adding that he can keep his money wherever he wants.

Tinubu said this while fielding questions from journalists shortly after casting his vote.

Some pictures had gone viral on social media on Friday showing two bullion vans making their way into Tinubu’s premises.

According to rumours, the vans allegedly contained either ballot papers or huge sums of money which would be used for the elections.

Responding to a question, however, the former governor of Lagos State said he was not a government contractor and therefore had the right to spend his money as he pleased.

Tinubu, however, said the money was not for vote buying.

He said, “Excuse me, is it my money or government money? I don’t work for the government. I am not in an agency of government and let anyone come out to say I have collected contract from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari or the APC in the last five years. They should prove it.

“I am on my own and I am committed to my party. So, even if I have money to spend on my premises, what is your headache? If I don’t represent any agency of government and I have money to spend, if I like, I give it to the people free of charge as long as it is not to buy votes.

“Who are those monitoring my house or bullion vans? They must be mischief makers because they report falsehood. They are liars and idle.”

Tinubu had last week stirred controversy when he promised huge sums of money to party faithful if the APC wins Saturday’s elections.

He had also boasted that he was indeed richer than Osun State and that Buhari did not have the kind of money he could steal.

Tinubu had said, “Buhari doesn’t have the kind of money I can steal neither does he have the money I can collect. He doesn’t even have the money for Lagos votes. So, whatever I promise, it’s for real and is coming from my pocket. It’s not until I go to Alausa before I get money to give you.

“Those of you that say you come to Bourdillon for mobilisation, it is mobilisation that we are doing here or don’t you understand? Definitely, if you know people in your neighbourhood, our members, how we used to do.

“They would surround me like the way ants surround sugar but they duped me; calling for mobilisation funds as if they are not all from the same neighbourhood.

“For this one, even if your footwear is worn-out, as long as you can deliver on votes, I guarantee that I’ll pay you money that will surprise you. May we not lack!

“Definitely, if you know people in your neighbourhood, who are our members, you should be able to call them out. If you’re a registered member, go out and vote. Vote and let it be much, and when I see the result, that’s when I’ll bring out money that is worthwhile for you.”

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