Independence Day Celebration: Sesi Whingan Expresses Hope Of Greater Nigeria, Speaks To Young Badagrians, As Nigeria Marks 61 Years Of Nationhood.

The founder and lead visioner of a Great foundation within the Badagry hemisphere prince Sesi Whingan has Expresses Hope for greater Nigeria in his independence day celebration , the young phalantropist cum business mogul also took time to speak to youth in Badagry Area.

Below is the message as culled from his media men on their official Facebook handle.

Today, our nation is encumbered by numerous challenges which has set our dear fatherland on the verge of collapse. Obviously, most of these challenges are self-inflicted which could be solved, but through a national rebirth”

The founder, Sesi Whingan Foundation, a humanitarian nonprofit organization in Badagry, Prince Sesi Whingan stated this in a congratulatory message to Nigerians on the occasion of its 61st Independent anniversary.

The young successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who has also indicated his desire to vie to represent Badagry Federal Constituency at the National Assembly in 2023 further expressed hope that the nation will be great again and bounce back despite the numerous challenges being faced at the moment. He, however called for a national rebirth and youth empowerments as a panacea to achieving this.

Whingan who noted that national rebirth, according to him should start from individuala by fulfilling our pledges as enshrined in the National Pledge; to be faithful, loyal and honest; to serve Nigeria with all our strengths devoid of favoritism, ethic and religion bigotry and bribery; which he describes as products of corruption. He also mentioned that this rebirth will not be completed without getting rid of corruption to the barest minimum.

“most of the challenges being faced by Nigeria today are self-inflicted due to corruption, corruption today has deep-rooted in all facets of our national life which is the major cause of the problems we are facing as a nation” He said.

The young politician further explained that poor leadership as another reason why Nigeria is encumbered at the moment. He urged Nigerias current leaders to be selfless and ensure they pursue only policies that will bring about better life to all Nigerians and unlock the great and numerous potentials endowed in the nation.

While advising the leaders to prioritize youth empowerments in all policies being made, Whingan mentioned that affordable education at all level, capacity development and jobs creation are few areas where the youths could be adequately empowered.

The philanthropist also suggested that priority should also be given to young and resourceful Nigerians who have excelled in their various legitimate careers and have shown interest in leadership noting that there is no better time to serve and lead one’s nation to greatness than when being youthful.

“It’s obnoxious and archaic to believe that the youths are leaders of tomorrow. The best of any individual can best be offered when he or she is still youthful with vigor and great enthusiasm.” He noted.

“The world today, has moved from being ruled by concepts of analogue to a totally digitalized concepts that have reduced the wide world to a global village; only youths, guided by experience elders will effectively cope with the new trend of civilization, ” he said.

Prince Whingan congratulated Nigerians, especially the good people of Badagry on the nation’s 61st Independent anniversary.

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