Am appreciating and also thanking this young dynamic man son of the soil, SESI WHINGAN from Koga Zebbe, for helping Badagry people especially students sitting for WAEC examination, from the stress and money payment at NIN REGISTRATION CENTER of the government at Badagry Town Hall.
Registration of NIN at other different locations in Badagry LGA goes for#3k, #2.5k or #2k. But this young man with positive vision to alleviate the suffering of his people, used his hard earned resources to assist/help his people.
I was at the SESI WHINGAN REGISTRATION CENTER yesterday with my daughter that wanted to sit for WAEC examination, after many failed attempts to register her NIN at Badagry Town Hall.
A young man from my beautiful Ajara told me to visit Sesi Whingan NIN Registration Center, which I first disagreed to go because of our political differences.
I told him that Sesi Whingan was doing this to score a political point or statement. After much pressure from this young man. I concur to follow him there. When I got there, I was surprised and baffled to see many WAEC students and non students (fathers and mothers) coming for free NIN registration.
Sesi Whingan, I do not know you or met you before but God knows you and know your intentions.
If it comes to politics, am not in your party, but my stand always, is to appreciate any of our person, that is doing good to help Badagry grow.
I will always appreciate any Badagry person either in APC or PDP or APGA that is performing greatly, devoid of partisan politics or political sentiment.
Am thankful to God for giving us such a young man in Badagry LGA, that thinks first of how to help his people.
Sesi Whingan I heard about you and other things you’ve been doing to assist/help Badagry LGA people.
Am using this opportunity, which my daughter had received, Free NIN Registration at SESI WHINGAN NIN REGISTRATION CENTER Ibereko, to announce that the students that are yet to do their NIN Registration, because of money or stress been encountered at other registration centers, should go to Sesi Whingan NIN FREE Registration Center.
Sesi Whingan God will reward you tenfold of good things of life.
Badagry LGA people will surely decide at the right time.
God will continue to protect and bless Sesi Whingan abundantly in Jesus Mighty Name.
By Prince SM OFADE-JANUARY 14th 2022.

Written by Current News Now

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