An 11 years old girl Adedoyin Gold become One day CEO of Eleniyan Dynasty headed by the former lawmaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly Epe Constituency 2.

It would be recalled that Adedoyin Gold whose video went viral some weeks ago promoting the candidacy of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Hon. Olusegun Olulade for House of Representatives Epe federal Constituency on social media.

11 years old Adedoyin Gold becomes one day CEO OF Eleniyan dynasty worldwide

According to the CEO Eleniyan Dynasty “Over the years, we have continuously inculcates right leadership skills and attitudes into the heart of our future generations which are young people. Adedoyin Gold is an example of such trait in Eleniyan dynasty.” She is smart and could improve more.

Speaking further, the handsome honourable says, he has to give her one of his publication for her to further improve the gift deposited in her.

I tell you,..

“To build a nation that is sustainable for all. Young people confidence, characters and competences must be strengthen.”

“Those qualities are what Asiwaju stand for and it’s a foundation in Eleniyan dynasty.”

She was accompanied to the Lagos office of Hon. Olusegun Olulade by her parents Mr and Mrs Adedoyin

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