The golden boy of Tourism Development in Badagry and it environment, Hon Apata Samson and other tourism experts from all space of the globe are billed to converge in Badagry to discuss the way forward and the Development of Tourism in Badagry, Lagos and the country at large.

Recall that Hon Apata Samson , a former supervisor in the Badagry local government in department of Tourism as being of a tremendous support to the tourism potential of the ancient city of Badagry.

This time he is using his leverage and others to bring in tourism expert from all over the globe to converge in Badagry for discussion on how best to sell Badagry potential to the outside world via Tourism.
Cogent among the topics of the event of discuss is also the unveiling of ATPN Lagos State chapter

Hon Apata who is the CEO of Eko destination company has won many awards on tourism, arts and culture both locally and internationally.

The date of this year meeting is on Friday 11th February, 2022 and the time is 6 pm
The venue is the prestigious fans Embassy and suite at Ibereko Badagry.

Tourism is Life

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