Sesi Whingan has come to change the face of Badagry politics through credible representation

He will break the jinks of one man one term – Iroko, DG, SEWHINCO

Hon. Abraham Ahisu Iroko, JP, is the Director General, Sesi Whingan Campaign Organization, Hon. Sesi Whingan, one of the aspirants for House of Representatives, Badagry Federal Constituency.
In the interview with Badagry Prime Newspaper, Hon Abraham Iroko speaks on his principal’s (Hon Sesi Whingan) aspiration, activities, support in the communities and reasons why Sesi should be given the opportunity to change the face of Badagry politics through credible representation in the House of Reps come 2023.

*What are the duties and responsibilities of a DG?*

A Director General is the next in line to an aspirant who later becomes the candidate of a political party. In the absence of the aspirant; it is my duty as DG to consult, meet and relate with all concerned groups and individuals in ensuring that my principal’s agenda, symbol and all that Hon Sesi Whingan stands for is well delivered to all. So, a DG is all in all in respect of your principal’s aspiration.

*Are there any qualifications needed to be appointed DG?*

Yes, there are. If you are not honest and transparent to the aspirant such person cannot be chosen as DG because the position of a DG is like a body part of the aspirant himself. Before an aspirant decides to choose someone as his DG, he must have consulted widely. Such person appointed as DG must be accessible in his constituency.

*Talking about your principal Hon Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan, who is he?*

I have said it before in an interview and in various forum that Hon. Sesi Whingan is a God sent to Badagry politics this time around. And I can prove that beyond every reasonable doubt. This is a young man that has started well and I believe he will end well. His coming on board Badagry politics; I am optimistic that he will come out with good result.

From my experience politically and considering what he has done and still doing, I believe we will achieve our goal.
Sesi is a formidable man that has come to change and reform the face of Badagry politics.

*No doubt Sesi Whingan is a young man; can you let us into his political journey?*

Let me start by saying Sesi was born a politician; what do I mean by this, his father is one of the political leaders who has been in politics for long. So, Sesi is born a politician, on this note as far back as 10 years, Sesi started a foundation through which he touched people’s lives, helped people in need and so on.
His aspiration eventually started 3 years ago, his performances ever since is not hidden.

He established a free NIN registration center which people that have been in government for years could not do, when he realized the hardship and suffering people go through to register for national identification number at the government approved center located at Badagry Town Hall.

Sesi Whingan started by donating a generator and printer to the government approved center to ease the queue and waste of several hours . Along the line, he discovered that this didn’t solve the problem as the number of people unattended to kept increasing. Then he took the bull by the horn and registered a center from Abuja so that our people can register NIN without stress, free of charge to complement government efforts.

*You would agree with me that there is a difference between been born a politician and a practising politician, how much experience has he acquired politically?*

Sesi has been been practising politics for over 10 years underneath, supporting people, most of the aspirants that later became candidates in government today passed through Sesi one way or the other if they will say the truth. And so, talking about experience, until you get to a place or position then you begin to study the terrain. He hasn’t occupied any political office before but I believe when he gets there, his relationship with other members coupled with the activities in the house, he will apply his common sense and go by the right and necessary way to bring dividends of democracy home.
When you talk about his political journey he has been there since 10 years.

*And you think that is enough for him to aspire for House of Reps? It will interest you to know that some political school of thought believes that as a young politician, Sesi should have aspired for Council Chairman or House of Assembly, how does this make you feel?*

The people in our political offices for years, what have they been doing? It is the spirit and intention you have for your people that is paramount which will eventually lead to success of the candidate.
What is the age of President Macron of France? Is he not doing well! It is not right to judge people from the number of years in politics.

*What is the interest of your principal?*

Sesi has the passion and interest of his people at heart if without occupying political office he could do the much he has done and still doing to alleviate the suffering and supporting his people.
He is constructing a mini bridge/culvert at Isalu, procured medical and non-medical equipments for PHC in Pota, completion of Thogli-Iragon Community self-Help school building consisting of classrooms and staffroom, free NIN registration for tens of thousands of people living in Badagry, free continuous voters registration and revalidation of electorates in Badagry, distribution of UTME forms to hundreds of Badagry tertiary education admission seekers.

Hon. Sesi has graded and sand filled roads across 10 communities, purchased power generating sets to LNSC Badagry, donated power generating sets to NIMC Centres in Badagry and Agbalata International market, donated special packed gifts to schools and staffs of Badagry LGEA, Badagry political leaders across board are not left out during the festival period. These are some out of several things done by him. You can go round to find out about Sesi from people.

Sesi Whingan’s intention has shown that there’s going to be difference in the quality of representation come 2023. In my over 40 years in politics, I have never seen an aspirant who would later become a candidate performing so well like Sesi. It is only when they are elected into office that you see them doing the little they could.

My Principal, Hon. Sesi has continuously said that his campaign will not be the usual rethoric; this is what am going to do rather, it would be these are what I have done. The records are there to speak for him. This is a young man who is not taking his aspiration as a do or die affair, very easy going and respectful.

When I aspired for House of Reps years ago, I had intention to change the face of Badagry politics through quality representation that will pave way for youth employment, social and infrastructural developement as well as women empowerment. This is the same intention Hon. Sesi has brought to the table.

That intention of his made me to join him without knowing that I will be appointed his DG. I do critical assessment of anyone who consults me as a political leader, if you are not that man with integrity and pedigree I won’t join you, this is what makes me different from others politically. Before I join you, I must have seen that you have the interest of the people in you.

*What are the chances of Sesi Whingan in picking the party’s ticket considering the caliber of people aspiring for reps as at today?*

He has 80 percent chances and before our primaries, it would have increased to 90 percent.

*Do you foresee any challenges during the primaries?*

We are not expecting any challenge, rather we are working on how to get the ticket and we strongly believe that we will get it by the special grace of God.

Since I became the DG of Hon. Sesi Whingan Campaign Organization, I consulted well and widely. I also have leaders and they know I am a man of my words, they know I don’t patronize unsellable aspirant.

*Can you tell us the system you have adopted in selling your principal?*

The consultation continues, this is the time to make a change. We the leaders are getting old, they should let us use our position to allow the youth clinch the position. There’s a popular saying that, “youths are leaders of tomorrow” why can’t we leaders use our today to prepare our youths for tomorrow.

*What is your assessment of the present rep member?*
He has preached one man one term to the leaders and electorates. He will leave at the end of his term. When he had four years and didn’t do anything, what magic do you expect from him to perform under one year?

*He is seeking a second term?*

He has the right to. With due respect to Hon. Bamgbose, the present rep member contested against him using one man one term and the electorates voted Bamgbose out. He too has equally been in government at the state level and now in the house of reps.

*Your take on one man one term?*

We in the camp of Hon. Sesi Whingan will change it through performance. After his first term, the leaders and electorates will want him to return.
In other local governments, they returned their reps twice even thrice, this is because they performed well. Sesi will perform and break the jinks of one man one term. If our past representative had performed, they wouldn’t have been changed.

Culled from Badagry prime

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