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Established exactly 10 years ago, the United Voice of Badagry People Initiative, UVOBPI’s advocacy role not only introduced economic develop...

Established exactly 10 years ago, the United Voice of Badagry People Initiative, UVOBPI’s advocacy role not only introduced economic development challenges, inequities and injustice affecting Badagry and her communities to the leaders in Badagry, Lagos and Nigeria at large but significantly, outside these communities, our team has helped build community networks in Nigeria and across frontiers reaching out to over fifty million online. Many read our online campaign awareness articles, updates, news updates and engage in discussions, our fight against corruption awareness campaign and many more.

Here are a few highlights of our success. Despite the number of challenges, we were able to stand our ground because of your support and participation on our platforms and on behalf of all our team, thank you for your volunteering spirit and support. We look forward to your continuous support and together we are stronger.

For some of the highlights of our success and challenges, visit us here for information

For some of the highlights of our challenges, and how you can support us, why not visit us at the following link to read about our May 2011 – December 2020 Reports at: https://www.thevoiceofbadagry.org/annual-performance-review

For some of our UVOBPI-TEAMCO projects and how you can be part of this dedicated team working behind the scenes for the good of our communities in Badagry, Lagos State and Nigeria, why not visit us at this address for information:

Here is some good news why you should join and support us (you can support by volunteering to work for us or by your volunteer donations). Please have a look at our forthcoming projects and do not miss out to be part of one of these. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Active and Upcoming Projects:

UVOBPI TEAMCO Skills Acquisition Centre Empowerment Project RE: UTSACEPC/001/ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/001

UVOBPI TEAMCO Inter-School Competitions to Encourage Academic Excellence Project RE: UTISCEAE/001/ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/002

UVOBPI TEAMCO Scholarships for Indigent Brilliant Students RE: USIBS/001/ ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/003

UVOBPI TEAMCO Provisions for Aged People Project RE: UPAPP/001/ ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/004

UVOBPI TEAMCO Soft Loans for Small and Medium Enterprises RE: UTSLSME/001/ ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/005

UVOBPI TEAMCO Medical Outreaches Empowering Project RE: UTMOEP/001/ ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/006

UVOBPI TEAMCO Transparency International Conference Project RE: UTTIC/001/ ELPD/004/O3/PHB/005/O4/TEAMCO/001 Vision 2021

Contact us here for information and how you can support one of these projects:

[email protected] or [email protected]