SHOCKER: “There are different types of Ogbanje” – Nigerian Lady Reveals

A self-acclaimed commissioner for Ogbanje affairs, Adaeze, took to her Facebook page to explain the kind of ‘ogbanje’ she is, while reiterating about the act of giving.

I am as pure as that white am don’t get it wrong…they’re different type of Ogbanje…river Ogbanje they’re so kind and pure..they don’t try to bring others down either they will take u along with them to raise

So don’t be deceived…no matter how rich you’re if you’re good in giving you’re clearing ur way my matter the amount of money u will still look for more..if u think am lying go and ask Dangote..because with all his wealth yet his still producing more don’t let any single good u did for someone as nothing…because once u help someone solve there problem..

Almighty will bring someone to solve your own problem too..a word is enough for the wise..much love from Adaeze💋..believe me I prayed for u all this morning 🙏🙏

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