COVID-19: Make sure you do your 2023 campaigns to only those with less than N5K in their bank accounts — Yusuf tells APC

COVID-19: Make sure you do your 2023 campaigns to only those with less than N5K in their bank accounts — Yusuf tells APC

The directive was for everyone, but the palliative is only for Nigerians with less than N5000 in their bank accounts. Even if the limit is placed at N30,000, it would still be about $80. By contrast, the limit for a single US resident to qualify for $1200 stimulus check is an AGI of $75,000! That’s about N28.5m.

statement made by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar, saying only Nigerians with account balance of N5000 or less, and who buys N100 call credit a month, can be considered as poor and qualified for the government’s relief cash, has been described as unacceptable since the cost of food items has skyrocketed such that even a full minimum wage won’t suffice.

Should the Buhari administration stick to its criteria, Nigerians may be forced to take matters into their own hands which is something the Buhari government wouldn’t want to see happen.

There are already reports of police brutality which led to the deaths of more than 15 people said to have violated the stay at home directive by the Buhari administration. This only means unless the Buhari administration adjusts its conditions to accommodate millions more households, more violations would undoubtedly be inevitable.

We have covered some reactions by Nigerians who are left fuming by FG’s failure get its acts together and meet the needs of the masses who are currently battling hunger since lockdown was declared in March.

One facebook user, Ibrahim Yusuf, who played his part in installing the current government, has put the APC on notice that unless everyone is carried along in government’s relief packages, the APC should steer clear of those whom they denied palliatives in their most difficult moments in years.

He said, “Only people with less than #5000 in their account will votes for you 2023 Insha Allah.”

Whether or not the Buhari government will have a rethink, is any one’s guess. However, one thing is sure, using N5,000 as a limit to qualify for government’s support is a great injustice to many Nigerians who’s only crime is to save some money that won’t even be enough to sustain them till everything gets back to normal.

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