Shame!!! This Is No Protest Or Carnival.. This Is Badagry Expressway, ..Residents Cries Out !

This is no protest or carnival..
IT IS THE DAILY TRAFFIC SITUATION ON d Mile 2/ Badagry expressway.
Have u ever driven ur car on this road?
Have u ever taken a bike on this road?
Have u ever boarded a bus along this road?
Have u ever walked on this road?
Then we are one family in distress..
This a road that generates d highest IGR to the nation..
A road that links d international world..
The first road that linked Lagos directly..
A road where the Deputy Governor of the State got her votes,
A road that gave d Southwest senatorial candidate YAYI his return ticket.
A road all the representatives and d Assembly members in d Badagry Division see on daily bases and kept mute?
We call on d President, Minister of Works, The Governor of Lagos State and the most powerful Lagosian Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to act fast on this terrible disenfranchisement !

It’s Deathly!!

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