#EkitiMourns: Blood Everywhere!!!,... Nigerians React To Death Of 20 Persons Killed By Truck Carrying APC Senator’s rice


Nigerians have reacted to the death of no fewer than 20 persons including students after a trailer carrying rice meant for distribution to p...

Nigerians have reacted to the death of no fewer than 20 persons including students after a trailer carrying rice meant for distribution to potential voters in the forthcoming general elections rammed into a roadside market at Iworoko Ekiti, Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

About 20 people have been confirmed dead in the accident.

The trailer was carrying rice sponsored by Senator Tayo Alasoadura.

In reaction to the news, Nigerians on Twitter are using the hashtag #EkitiMourns to express their sadness.

See some tweets aggregated by DAILY POST below:

@dotmanofficial: “#EkitiMourns my thoughts and prayers with the family of the victims. So sad.”

@salamson01: “More than 20 people gone this night in my village. Called my Dad earlier he said they are safe but he can’t say the same for mummy, Idayat and some other folks. This is heart wrenching. Say a prayer for my people. #EkitiMourns”

@sam09young: “Some people will be thanking God for not being at the market at the time. What about those that were affected? Imagine sitting at the barbers shop and being crushed. Nobody deserves this kind of avoidable death. #ekitimourns.”

@The_Seeker76: “I feel so sad that over 20 people are now dead as #EkitiMourns deaths from a truck carrying “election rice”. Look at the picture on the bag, That’s one of our problems. He should be held partly responsible for this sad and avoidable tragedy. May the dead rest in peace – Amen.”

@SheunDam: “I have seen people politicizing the fatal accident that happened in Iworoko because the rice found in the trailer was branded with Sen. Alasoadura’s banner. No…. Please it’s enough.. The brake failed.. He lost control. Pray for the family of the deceased. #EkitiMourns”

@HNNAfrica: January 1st I predicted several mishaps in Nigeria and a certain prayer people MUST pray. 2 weeks into the year, the Ibadan crash, Airforce helicopter and now; #EkitiMourns, a trailer crashing into a market. #ProphetKOO says read Psalm 19 five times daily. This Illuminati is here.”

@seunfakze: “Woke up to the tragic news of the tragedy at Iworoko. Praying for the families of the departed and hoping that our beloved Ekiti State never witness such calamity again. #EkitiMourns.”

@Balatic: “APC has taken vote buying, election madness and hypocrisy to a whole new level. So the accident in #Ekitimourns was caused by a truck transporting APC campaign rice. More than 20 lives lost and people are not outraged. The legislature must enact a law to ban vote buying of any type.”

@Enekemgreg: “May God console those that lost their family members in the trailer Ekiti crash. Appreciate your life and people around you, The people that died in the crash were not in a bad place it was just a bad time. God save us from untimely demise #EkitiMourns.”

@Julietkego: “Pray for Ekiti. So many lives lost…Rest in peace. #EkitiMourns God save us in this country. May we also help ourselves by ensuring better road worthiness of all vehicles that ply our roads. Government has to be held to higher standards, and citizens have to be more responsible.”