“Our Collective Development Is Not ROCKET SCIENCE”– Babatunde Hunpe, Badagry APC Rep Candidate Releases ‘Master Plan’ For Effective Representation !

“Our Collective Development Is Not ROCKET SCIENCE”– Babatunde Hunpe Badagry APC Rep Candidate Releases ‘Master Plan’ For Effective Representation

Mr Babatunde Hunpe, The candiadate elect in the APC primaries to represent the good people of badagry in the federal house of representatives in Abuja, has made a remark on Friday that representing the good people of badagry and bring home collective development for badagrians is never a rocket science. the erudite hunpe made this statement while inaugurated an 80-man aggressive Independent Campaign Committee to ensure his electoral victory in the 2019 general elections.
Speaking with our correspondence during the inauguration, Mr Hunpe said though the APC in the state has its own campaign team, respective candidate too, has right to set up independent campaign team.

“We have decided to come here today and flag off the campaign by inaugurating the team that will manage the campaign till Feb.16 next year.

“Alhaji Ishola Hassan, former Vice Chairman, Badagry Local Government Area in 1999 and 2002 will head the 80-man independent campaign team because he has the charisma to win people’s heart.

“The team members are to move from house to house, ward to ward and local government to Local Council Development Area in Badagry to ensure victory of our party.

“I have told them that they should operate an open door policy; the chairman should even involve more people in the campaign if the need be,” Hunpe said.

The candidate said he had study his constituency very well, adding that he would do well where others had failed.

“I have studied the complaints and all these I will put together and let our people feel the dividends of democracy or the impact of the person representing them.

“Also, I have decided that if voted into power, I will decentralise the issue of constituency office into three.

“I will open constituency office in Badagry Local Government and the two LCDA and make sure that it will be functional.

“Workers will be employed in all the offices to attend to people with requests or complaints, whatever you have brought, people will be there to attend to you.

“Information is vital to our people and i will make sure i get back to them quarterly,” he said.

Speaking to newsmen after the inauguration, the chairman of the campaign committee, said it was the beginning of another strenuous assignment.

“This is not the first time I will be appointed to lead a team, I was appointed in 2007 to coordinate the former Gov. Babatunde #Fashola campaign team in Badagry.

“I am delighted in accepting the task because the candidate is approachable, humble, friendly and man of the people, hence the job will not be hard for us.

“I am going to concentrate more on the party members because some party members are aggrieved due to what happened during the primary,” he said.

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