US Reveals Nigeria’s “Greatest Treasure”, Says It’s Not Petroleum

Mr Stuart Symington, the United State Ambassador to Nigeria, has stated that the country’s greatest treasure is not petroleum but its youths.

The US Ambassador to Nigeria stated this on Sunday during his visit to Makoko environs. Symington while speaking with some students of Adekunle Anglican Primary School, Makoko said;

“If you have oil and you don’t have people, you have nothing. The most important resources of Nigeria are her youths. The reason the world cares about Nigeria is because of the youths of the country,” he said.

Symington called on the pupils to be selfless in their quest to learn, stating that what they learn has a play in the development of this country.

“You are not just learning for yourself; you are learning for all of us. One of you will discover a cure for a disease. Another person will find a way to encourage farmers and herders to live in peace.

“One of you will take a picture and that picture would be worth more than a million words. Some of you will become great authors and you will take people to places where they have never been,” he said.

He appreciated the leaders of the community for allowing their children to attend school, stating that the country would benefit if all its citizen can read and write.

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