Shame!!! Lagos Lawmaker Booed !!!!

A member of the Lagos State House of Assembly got the shocker of his life recently when he was disgraced out of a stakeholders’ meeting of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

The lawmaker, Hon Adedamola Richard Kasunmu, popularly known as ARK, was booed and shouted down at the town hall and stakeholders’ forum held by his constituency at the Ogidi LCDA headquarters for what many of them called “non-peeformance, non-empowerment of his constituents and seeming non-challant attitude to issues of paramount interest to the people,” since he was allegedly imposed over and above other credible and more experienced candidates for the House of Assembly seat.

Described as a neophyte and immature and inexperienced politician, whose notoriety is allegedly to be in his addiction to sundry hard drugs, Hon Kasunmu was accused by his constituents if making to noticeable and appreciable impact on the constituency since election over three years ago.

The visibly angry consitutents, who were charged said that “while other lawmakers were busy putting smiles on the faces of their constituents across Lagos State, through sundry empowerment programmes for the youth, women and artisan, such is virtually non-existent in our constituency.”

Wondering what report Hon Kasunmu was bringing to the table, the constituents also said that they reliably gathered that each member of the state House of Assembly was given N10 million Naira to facilitate a grand stakeholders’ gathering, but there was nothing on ground to depict such in Kasunmu’s case.

But for the timely intervention of the security men at the gathering, who quickly ferried the lawmaker from trouble spot, the crowd which had become unruly would have rough-handled the lawmaker.

The lawmaker could not believe his eyes, even as many stakeholders said that but for his filial relationship with the APC National Leader and former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, he could never have had access to such sensitive office.

They regretted voting for him overwhelmingly, not because he merited it but because of their respect for the Jagaban of Borgu, only for him to pay them back with empty promises, lack luster representation in the floor of the House and disgraceful behaviour occasioned by his drunkenness and addiction.

Source TheCityPulseNews

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