“It Is Now Or Never, Nigerian Youths Vow To Vote Out Buhari !

In pursuit of its determination to produce Nigeria’s next president, come 2019, youths in the country are putting finishing touches to take charge of the leadership of the country.

This is in spite of the plea by President Muhammadu Buhari when he signed the “Not-Too-Young-To-Run” Bill into law, asking the youths not to contest presidential race against him.

Findings reveal that the youths have put into motion, plans to mobilise young Nigerians to actualise their mission for a “Young Nigerian President” in 2019 as they are set to produce their presidential candidate very soon in a widely celebrated ceremony in Abuja.

This much was revealed by a group of youths under the aegis of Intellectual Revolution Group (IRG) at Arewa House, Kaduna at the inauguration ceremony of state executive and zonal leadership for the North West zone.

Salaudeen Lukman, National Coordinator of IRG, while speaking on the occasion, stated that 2019 must usher in ‘Young President’ with proven record of purpose and determination.

“Old age politicians, who have milked our dear nation dry, must go to rest and assume an advisory role.

“It’s a sin to ruin their generation and still be forcing themselves on our generation,” he stated.

He added, “Our resolve includes mobilizing our teeming youth to form strong ideological political movement that will support ‘Young President’ come 2019.”

“We are aware of ‘First Force’, the Assembly of liars and deceivers, likewise the ‘Second Force’ the assembly of looters, suspects on trial for corruption and other criminal related matters. We equally believe that the newly formulated ‘Third Force’ is a gathering of aggrieved First and Second Force, expired political elites who are desperate to cajole Nigerians again to smuggle themselves into power.

“Therefore, we rise to appear as ‘Fresh Force’ with total commitment to birth a New Nigeria. We declare recycling of politicians in positions of power unacceptable hence we call for its end,” he stated.

Lukman added, “Today, we have just inaugurated all state executives for the North West states and the zonal leadership. We shall replicate same for the other five zones and continue to mobilise young Nigerians to actualise the quest for a ‘Young President’ come 2019 with our national declaration soonest in Abuja to unveil our Presidential candidate for 2019 and fresh people in all positions of power.”

Speaking on the killings across the North Central states, the IRG leader continued stated that the rating of our dear nation as poorest in the world and incessant killings of innocent citizens by terrorist Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen, massive looting of our commonwealth and misplacement of our priority were pointers to note the failure of government of old generation in old Nigeria from their primary responsibility.

Lukman added, “The new Nigeria of our dream is a great united nation where justice, equity, transparency, rule of law and prosperity for all irrespective of religion, tribe or background will be the hallmark.

“We believe it is achievable with the commitment of all young Nigerians to this New Nigeria project.”

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