Former LASU President, Basit Badaru, Indicates Interest To Represent Badagry In Lagos Assembly

Former President of Lagos State University Students’ Union, Basit Senapon Badaru (BSB), has indicated interest in becoming a Lawmaker at the Lagos State House of Assembly to represent Badagry Constituency 1

Ahead of the 2019 General Elections, Former President of Lagos State University Students’ Union, Basit Senapon Badaru (BSB), has indicated his interest to represent the people of Badagry Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly.

While speaking exclusively to BlackBox Nigeria, Basit said there is the need for a new sense of inclusiveness in the socio-political atmosphere of Badagry, in order to build a transformative community.

“We should not only be comfortable with providing our youth with education. We must go the extra mile of providing them with institutional supports capable of promoting their initiatives and innovative spirit. We must help them develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills by contributing towards an inclusive leadership pattern that allows ideas of Badagrians to be converted into successful ventures that will expand the economic frontiers of Badagry as a community.

“The success of our generation is not only a success for Badagry but a success for Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Considering the economic importance of Badagry as the gateway to neighbouring West African countries, she deserves a representation that can integrate beyond borders and bring about legislation that will protect the interest of Badagry residents”, he averred.

In 2008, Basit Badaru, became the first indigene of Badagry to lead the Student’s Union in LASU as its 18th President. And have been at the forefront of advocating for a better life of his people. During his electioneering period in LASU, he unprecedentedly won across all the faculties in LASU and thereafter became the first student union President to win across the over 9 faculties in LASU. He unconditionally turned LASUSU into a hub for excellence through his various initiatives and ideas. Notable amongst his ideas are the initiation of creating LASUSU Radio, Orientation Vista, the creation of LASUSU ICT and website, evacuation of tout from the gates of LASU, LASUSU image laundering, Mr and Mrs LASUSU and many other educative and social programs aimed at building a centre for educational excellence in LASU.

Basit is one of the most influential voices in Gbaji-Seme Border community advocating for the reversal of the perpetual darkness the community has been subjected to in the last 18 years. During the first quarterly meeting of the Ambode’s administration in Badagry 2017, he presented the challenges facing Badagry as it relates to infrastructure provision, incessant killings of residents by the customs, bad leadership, oil discovery, Seaport etc. His unequivocal and systemic presentation of the ordeal faced by the over 50 communities along Gbaji Seme-border subjected to more than 18 years darkness made the governor Mr Akinwunmi Ambode to immediately start the total overhauling of the electrification process of the communities.

A native of Badagry, Basit holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance and Master’s degree in Management was born into the family of the Islamic scholar, Sheik Alhaji Badrudeen A. A. (The Grand Mufti of Kweme Kingdom) of Ogu Clan of Badagry


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