Tragedy Struck!!! Sad, ‘Father Christmas’ Is DEAD!

Pasquale Pagano, 45, who dressed in a Father Christmas costume, collapsed and died on Friday while giving out presents at a Christmas party in a southern Italian school for pupils aged around 11-13.

The school, the Gino Rossi Vairo Iinstitute in Agropoli, a seaside town about 100 kilometres South-East of Naples, said the cause of Pagano’s death was not known.

According to a local newspaper, InfoCilento, it quoted the mother of one of the pupils as saying that Pagano’s face turned blue, suggesting that he might have had a heart attack.

“An ambulance was called and they tried everything to save his life, but there was nothing they could do for him,” the mother, whose name was not published, told the paper.

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