BREAKING: President Buhari Visits Hospital, Yusuf Still Remains Unconscious After 48Hrs *See Photos

“The president was at the hospital, He was very devastated when he saw his son, Yusuf, in a very critical situation. He was shaking his head, while looking at his son and thereafter angrily reprimanded his security officials for allowing Yusuf to leave home at that time of the day for power-bike racing

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President Buahri and sonbuhari and son

See the  Observation made by one of our readers named  Nnaemeka Ikerionwu

It reads

The President’s son is in the open ward with other people. But that’s not important. I have always maintained that president Buhari is not perfect just like all of us. To wish his son death is evil. I must let the entire world know that it’s never in our character as a tribe to wish another death or rejoice over the misfortune of others. I have a son and I know what it means when ordinary malaria strikes. 
NB: His friend is also admitted in the same hospital.

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