Semasa, Renown Web Technologist, Begins Marital Journey With His Delightful Sweetheart, Itunu

…And the bible says two shall become one, this is what is playing out in the life  of Comrade Opeoluwa Hokon and his most charming wife to be Itunu okutubo as they celebrate and consolidated their love affairs with the introduction of the young couple families members to one another

Comrade Opeoluwa Hokon is a versatile website technologist, that has helped many as a webmaster.

Many on social media know him as pro-Badagry cultural advocate. In different fora; both on social media and outside, he is a proud Ogu man form Badagry, the cradle of Nigeria’s development and tourist haven.

Semasa Opeoluwa Hokon at the weekend began his marital journey with his sweetheart, Itunu Okutubo with the introductory marriage rite at Iba town in Lagos.

CURRENT NEWS NOW CREWS wish the couple happy journey to marriage

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SEMASA HOKON AND ITUNU OKUTUBO,  The Newest couple in town !

Photo Source: The Boss Photography

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