Forget It, Atiku Will Floor Buhari should Election Holds Today, — Nigerian States 5 Vital Reasons , No 2 & 3 Will Shock You

5 Reasons Why Atiku Could Defeat Buhari Should Election Holds Today, By Abubakar Dahiru …No 2 and 3 Will Shock You

1. Money Politics
ATIKU has money and he is not afraid to spend it unlike Buhari who is poor (as he claimed) and may not encourage excessive spending to win elections. Nigerian politics is still by and large defined by deep pockets

2. Performance
Buhari hasn’t performed to the expectations and satisfaction of a lot of Nigerians. ATIKU could cash in on this lapse to win support of many Nigerians

3. Democratic credentials

Even though Buhari had during the past 2years proven that he could be a democrat, a lot of Nigerians still feel Atiku will guarantee them more dividends of democracy due to his astute involvement in the battle for enthronement of democracy in the past

4. Geographical leanings
While any day anytime Buhari would floor Atiku in the Northwest and Northeast but we must not forget that Nigeria is beyond these two regions. Other regions in the south has persistently accused Buhari of nepotism, while those in the Northcentral accuse him of tribal despotism which could aid Atiku Abubakar to easily defeat Buhari in the South south and Southeast while still maintaining a comfortable leap in the Southwest and North central giving him control of four(4) regions out of six(6). Not withstanding that Atiku could also secure a sizeable chunk of votes in the two regions where Buhari has an edge.

5. Youth &women participation
Buhari has so far passed a vote of no confidence on youth and women judging from his appointments so far. Atiku may be able to lure these disgruntled but powerful groups towards his candidacy if he shows them he would grant them inclusiveness in his government.

However; if sincerity, credibility, and trust are the only credentials for consideration by the electorates, then PMB should win flawlessly, but this is Nigeria. It takes much more than that and give and take Atiku Abubakar has got what it takes any day

Atiku will certainly be a huge hurdle for PMB come 2019

Culled from Facebook by Abubakar Dahiru

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