MESSI Misses Penalty as Chile beats Argentina, wins Copa América – See what actually happened

Chile salute their fans, who chant We Are The Champions (the Queen version). Then the players huddle in the middle and sing and scream among themselves. The camera cuts to Biglia weeping, alone and unconsolable.

43m ago 03:56

Messi is sat down on the subs bench, looking stunned. Argentina’s drought continues – it’s now 23 years without a major trophy. When Chile went a man down I thought they were finished, done. But they hung on. They weren’t pretty tonight but they were gritty and showed nerves of steel in the shoot-out. Wow.

45m ago 03:54

Silva to win it. Silva SCORES! Firmly to the right of Romero and Chile are champions again!

47m ago 03:52
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 2-3 Chile

Biglia steps up. He looks nervous – but you would too. And Bravo saves to his left!
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48m ago 03:51
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 2-3 Chile

Beausejour, he’s been playing for Chile for 12 years. And scores with power and placement.

49m ago 03:50
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 2-2 Chile

Aguero is next up. Rolled past Bravo … just.

49m ago 03:50
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 1-2 Chile

Aranguiz scored last year in the final. This time he scores again: Romero is stuck on his line.

50m ago 03:49
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 1-1 Chile

Mascherano scores. Same spot as Castillo.

51m ago 03:48
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 0-1 Chile

Castillo, the sub scores. A great penalty, firmly struck.

51m ago 03:48
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 0-0 Chile

Messi is next AND MISSES. Way worse than Vidal too way over the bar. Seriously over the bar.

52m ago 03:47
Penalty shoot-out: Argentina 0-0 Chile

Chile take first. Vidal is first up AND MISSES. Romero saves low to his left. Not a great penalty.

1h ago 03:44

Argentina were the better team in regulation but it would be tough to say Chile don’t deserve to still be alive after a stirring comeback from 10 men down (with assistance from the ref).

1h ago 03:42

So the match ends as it did last year, with Argentina and Chile unable to break each other down. Chile won last year, we will see how it pans out this time shortly.

1h ago 03:41
End of extra time: Argentina 0-0 Chile – penalties to come

And so the spot-kicks come. The terrible, terrible shoot out.

1h ago 03:40

ET 29 min: Chile slog their way forward for one final attack, what an effort from both teams.

1h ago 03:39

ET 28 min: Plenty of – understandably – sloppy play after nearly 120 minutes of 10 v 10 AFTER a long season of domestic competition.

1h ago 03:37

ET 26 min: Chile can’t get it clear – Argentina look keen to win it without penalties after what happened last season. Kranevitter is the man who ends the pressure with a shot over the bar.

1h ago 03:35

ET 24 min: Messi wins a free-kick in Messi range. 25 yards out and in the middle of the pitch. There’s some low-level grabbing from both teams as they assemble the wall. And then it’s Messi … he glances twice at goal, steps up and the shot is deflected over for a corner.

1h ago 03:33

ET 22 min: A corner for Argentina and the sub Lamela takes. But fresh legs don’t do much here and Chile head clear.
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1h ago 03:32

ET 21 min: Lamela is on for Banega. Always painful at this stage looking at the faces and knowing one of them is likely to be crumpled in agony after missing a penalty shortly.
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1h ago 03:29

ET 18 min: After a furious end to the first half of extra-time both teams are out on their feet and play has slowed. Vargas comes off for Castillo.

1h ago 03:27

ET 16 min: Corner for Argentina, their seventh of the evening but they can’t do anything with it. Resting Messi in those early matches looks like a good idea now. “After calming down during the second half, we’ll soon reach the point of the game where Mr Lopes can freely send off another couple of players without unduly ruining the spectacle,” says Graham Parker. “Though by his own standards of this game, surprised that Funes Mori didn’t get a straight red for his studs up tackle early in extra-time.”

1h ago 03:25
ET Half-time: Argentina 0-0 Chile

JR Illinois sums it up: “What do you think the number would be if you added up the blood pressures of all the players currently on the pitch? I’m guessing it would be something in the neighborhood of 120,000,000,000/80,000,000,000.”

1h ago 03:22

ET 14 min: Silva is on for Sanchez, who has clearly played through pain and yet still managed to be one of the best players on the pitch.

1h ago 03:20

ET 12 min: This is a brilliantly thrilling extra time. Neither side – we’re looking at your Croatia and Portugal – is satisfied to sit back and wait for penalties.

1h ago 03:19

ET 10 min: Bravo, who has been superb tonight, pulls off the save of the tournament stretching to tip an Aguero header over the bar. An exceptional save at a crucial time in the game.

1h ago 03:18

ET 9 min: Oh, Vargas nearly breaks the deadlock. The Chilean’s diving header is plucked out of the air by Romero, who does very well to catch it cleanly rather than parry in at the feet of an opponent.

1h ago 03:16

ET 6 min: This game is now a series of injuries. This time it’s Aguero who goes down in the area, appealing for a penalty. But the ref waves play on correctly because at worst he got clipped on his shoulder.

1h ago 03:13

ET 4 min: Kranevitter pushes Vargas over and is VERY angry when he’s called – correctly – for a foul. He’s booked for that little outburst. Next Isla is left sprawling by Funes Mori after a studs up challenge but the Everton defender escapes any sanction.

1h ago 03:11

ET 2 min: Aranguiz limps off after an – accidental – stomp on his foot. We’ll see if he’s back.

2h ago 03:09

ET 1 min: And we’re back for extra time for a match higher on tension than quality. No golden goal here, by the way. 30 minutes and then penalties. Expert scientific observation from Graham Parker at MetLife Stadium: “Looking at the clusters of players resting before half-time, Argentina’s appear to be the more ‘sprawled’.”

2h ago 03:06

Hot takes from Ryan D’Souza: The last time there was a penalty shootout in a final at a major international football tournament on US soil, a South American team won. Just saying.

2h ago 03:04
Full-time Argentina 0-0 Chile

The final whistle goes and both teams fall to the turf, they must be exhausted after both playing the majority of the game one man down.

2h ago 03:01

90 min +1: Argentina mass on the edge of the area but Chile repel the waves of attack.

2h ago 03:01

90 min: Banega decides to have a shot from long-distance as time ticks down – he may as well, none of his team-mates have trubled Bravo too badly but it’s off target. Messi then has one of those runs – one of darting brilliance – that appears scripted to end in the ball busting the net. But he tries too hard to rip the ball past Bravo and his shot screws wide.

2h ago 02:57

87 min: Free-kick for Argentina to the right of the area but it doesn’t make it past the first defender – Vargas in this case – who heads clear.

2h ago 02:55

85 min: Oh, Aguero! Messi once again sucks in defenders as he scampers down the middle and lays off the ball to Aguero, who is clean and free in the area. But his shot takes off towards the night sky and is coming down somewhere along the Hudson as I type.

2h ago 02:53

82 min: Puch is on as a sub now. And Chile are dominating the closing stages, keeping possession and even daring the odd jaunt towards the Argentina area.

2h ago 02:51

79 min: Chile have a shot on target! Vargas scampers free down the right and shoots from an acute angle. Romero saves and Mascherano decides to clear it across the six-yard area – an odd decision but Argentina eventually clear the area completely.

2h ago 02:47

77 min: Sanchez is down after getting a hefty portion of Mercado’s leg to his stomach. The contact looked accidental – even if Mercado’s leg was a little high – and Mercado escapes a booking.

2h ago 02:45

75 min: Aranguiz swings in a Chile corner to no effect. They now have 60% possession and – still – no shots on goal.

2h ago 02:43

74 min: Aguero is given the ball in all kinds of space after Messi sucks in six defenders like a footballing black hole. Interestingly Aguero’s shot also looks like it’s being sucked in by a black hole – albeit it one around 10 million light years above the goal.

Here’s Justin Kavanagh: “It’s about time a Brazilian really showed up at a big tournament! Nothing wrong with Heber Lopes taking out a central midfielder to make more space in the game before blindsiding a hardened defender in such a dismissive manner: It’s what all Brazilians used to do on a football field pre-Dunga!”

2h ago 02:41

71 min: Graham Parker has some kind words for the ref: “From looking as if he’d killed the game in the first half the referee may actually have cured it — albeit by some kind of leech-assisted, medieval bloodletting. The greater space is definitely making for a much more entertaining match.”

2h ago 02:40

69 min: Aranguiz is booked for a foul on Messi – harshly. And Higuain is subbed for Aguero – but when has he ever dramatically altered the course of a major championship in its final moments?

2h ago 02:37

67 min: While the Argentina defence is coping well enough with the Chile attacks – they’re still to register a shot on target – Argentina’s spurts of danger are more and more limited to darts forward by Messi.

2h ago 02:35

65 min: Messi awakes from the nap he’s been having for the last five minutes to skip down the right and win a corner. It’s a good one too, only just missing the head of Funes Mori. Chile counter-attack instantly and they have strength in numbers but the offside flag goes up just as things are about to get interesting. The ref does not book the offside flag – he’s learning.

2h ago 02:31

62 min: Sanchez slides the ball into the box but Mascherano is quickly across to clear the danger. Chile are definitely the more controlled side now.

2h ago 02:29

61 min: Bravo gets a knock from Funes Mori as he claims a corner but looks OK to continue. A good take under pressure from the keeper there.

2h ago 02:28

58 min: Di Maria, who hasn’t appeared fully recovered from injury, is replaced by Kranevitter. Di MAria doesn’t appear to agree with the decision to take him off though and kicks at a water bottle as he runs off. The water bottle is booked for diving.

2h ago 02:25

56 min: Higuain has had the two best chances of the game so far. This time he has time around 10 yards out and swivels and shoots but it doesn’t trouble the goal, the keeper, the bar or the post. “More open field definitely suiting Chile, who were seeing every passing lane closed off in first half,” writes Graham Parker.

2h ago 02:22

53 min: Both sides appear to want to play a cleaner game – for now. Chile are keeping possession fairly easily while not really going anywhere and Argentina refrain from diving in to win the ball back. Then Beausejour loses the ball and a clumsy challenge sees him booked. So much for the ceasefire.

2h ago 02:20

50 min: Chile continue their good work from the end of the first half, Vargas almost getting a shot off in the area after some lovely passing from his team-mates. They are clearly confident after assuming they were going to play out the match with a one-man disadvantage.

Updated at 2.20am BST

2h ago 02:17

47 min: A little stat flashes up on the screen to remind us that Chile have yet to muster a shot on target – although they finished the first 45 minutes marginally the better side.

2h ago 02:15

46 min: And we’re off: no one is sent off in the first three seconds, which is a big improvement. Dave Rooney writes in to defend the referee. “I believe Rojo was sent off for kicking out at someone while on the ground after his tackle, it’s been shown a couple of times on TV here in Buenos Aires.” Well, that’s one of the cards sorted out: he just to explain the other 38 now.

2h ago 02:11

Half-time emails: “Samuel Oakford is right about the pitch being two small,” says Williams Smith. “When it gets down to 5 v. 5 then we’ll see a game!”

Graham Parker writes: “Well the referee hasn’t sent Messi off yet, so there’s still a chance he won’t be the most influential figure on the pitch, by the time the final whistle goes. Press box update: currently there’s an outbreak of mass giggling disbelief on both sides of the partisan aisles.”

JR in Illinois: “I can’t help but wonder what this game would look like if Carlos Velasco Carballo was refereeing. In case you’re not familiar with his work he was the referee for Croatia v Portugal yesterday. He whistled for 40 fouls but only handed out one yellow card.”

3h ago 02:01

Killer stat time: In Heber Lopes’s four matches leading up to this game he had shown 21 yellows and three red cards. He is nothing if not consistent.

3h ago 01:58
Half time: Argentina 0-0 Chile

Some actual football breaks out amid the violence as Vargas surges into the Argentinian half. Beausejour wins a corner and it’s Chile who have finished the half the better team. You may be surprised to hear that the ref is surrounded by angry players – which is all of them.

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