Watch! Obama Incredible Speech That Got Every one Taking Again!


Exactly eight years ago Barack Obama faced his first presidential election and the mantra “Fired up, ready to go!” perfectly summed up the mood and tenor of the time. Casting his mind back to then, America’s orator-in-chief recalled the anecdote which led to the fabled phrase.

Urging New Hampshire voters to get “fired up” and vote for Hillary Clinton in the critical state, Mr Obama made his final solo plea for voters on Election Day Eve on Monday and it was one of his most heartfelt yet.

Mr Obama recalled the time he was campaigning in Greenwood on the campaign trail in 2008. He talked of how he was tired and “groggy” and “soaked” with rain.

But was one woman stood out and caught his eye. ”There’s this middle-aged woman and she’s dressed like she just came from church,” he tells the audience. “She’s got a big church hat and I think a gold tooth. Turns out she holds a position in the local NAACP office and is also a private detective”.


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