Unbelievable! Oyedepo’s Daughter Performs Miracle Causing Her Arm to Grow Longer! *Nigerians React* *Watch Video*

Pastor Oyedepo’s daughter has sparked controversy after posting a video of her performing miracle with her arms adjusting and re-adjusting.

Joy Oyedepo, the second daughter of Nigerian preacher David O. Oyedepo
Joy Oyedepo, the second daughter of Nigerian preacher David O. Oyedepo who is also the founder and presiding Bishop of the megachurch, Faith Tabernacle in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, and Living Faith Church Worldwide has caused a major controversy online after performing a miracle and recording it live for her fans.
In the video which she released, the girl prayed and her arm allegedly grew to equal length.
The girl who wanted to show she could do miracles had used her hands as example. She intimated people on the video that she could make her arm equal to the other, which according to her for the sake of the miracle was unequal.
As she prays, she revealed that one of the hands which she said is unequal would grow and become equal with the other. She did pray and like magic, it grew equal and she tried it again and it grew unequal.
This has however not gone down well with people who blasted her for making fun of prayer and using dramatics to deceive people. Many have said if such a thing was possible as to ‘remote’ the creator into adjusting and re-adjusting the hand, it would have made sense if she carried such act on people who need it instead of dramatizing it on Facebook.
Because of the myriads of criticism that followed the video, she pulled down the post and is yet to utter a statement. Many have continued to blast her for trying to play on the intelligence of people.
However, many people have expressed doubt that the video must have been doctored.

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