Tinubu Breaks Silence At Last! – ‘My Rift With President Buhari’

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Speaking On Payent of 5 000 Stipend
APC National leader, Bola Tinubu, has denied claims that there is a rift between him, President Buhari and some leaders of the party which has forced him to distance himself from many party activities.
His absence at the Ondo state governorship campaign which was attended by President Buhari, gave credence to the rumor that all is not well between him, the presidency and some members of the party.
However, in a swift reaction, Tinubu who spoke at a function in Lagos state yesterday, denied the claims, saying he belongs to the party which he worked tirelessly to form.
“Its all falacy, am fine with Mr president, there is no cause for alarm, I don’t need to be living In Aso Rock before you know am in govt, VP Osinbajo is there, Abike Dabiri is there, Fashola is there, lai Muhammed, Fayemi, Fowler and so manny others are all there, I and the President still discuss time to time about national issues.
He asked people to disregard what they read in the media, attributing it to the handiwork of the mischief makers.
“Yes we may have had our own disagreement, which is the beauty of democracy, We are not forming any party neither are we going anywhere,
We built and nurtured APC to its present state and together we must make it work”he said

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