Suspected Money Ritualist Exposed * See Photos*

A twitter user has released a conversation he/she had with a suspected ritualist.

Growing up and watching Nollywood movies, we have often seen what it seems like when people attempt to grow rich quick through ritualistic means.

Nollywood showed us that it could be gory, lives would be cut short, people would be rendered useless and families would be left in mourning. The thing is, from this conversation, this is REALITY not the movies.

According to the user who shared the story, the suspected ritualist is a social media ‘big boy’ who shows off his wealthy lifestyle on Facebook etc.

He however contacted this person who eventually exposed him. Sharing his picture, the person wrote:

“Please be careful of this man…..he is a killer….he kills people for money.” See screenshots from their conversation below:

ritual convo

ritual convo 4ritual convo 5

ritual convo 2


The man’s pictures were blurred out:

ritual convo 6

Mr Akusua, suspected ritualist

Na wa oo! Just be careful out there, because the world is evil.


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