Shocking Confession! ‘How I Raped and Killed My Grandmother, Now She is Tormenting Me Day and Night !

Crying Black Man

The terrified man left villagers in shock after he confessed to r*ping and killing his own grandmother.
According to Tuko, the man identified as David Keri had gone into hiding after the body of his grandmother Gladis Naswa was discovered.
The body of Naswa was discovered to have been strangled and gang-r*ped.
Keri on Wednesday, September 28, confessed in front of residents of Bongi Village in Chesamis Location in Bungoma, that he had killed his 82-year-old grandmother.
Keri said he was forced to confess as her spirits kept haunting him day and night.
The man said he has never had any peace since killing his grandmother as her spirits kept following him.
Tuko reports that Keri has been remanded at Bungoma GK Prison until the postmortem report is presented before the Kimilili Law Courts.

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