SHOCKER! See SAT Guru Maharaj Ji’s prophecy On Buhari, … Angried Nigerians Reacts

SAT Guru Maharaj Ji
The spiritual leader of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has predicted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will rule the country beyond 2019, the NAN reports. Maharaj Ji unveiled this prediction in Ibadan on November 18, Friday, at a press conference to mark the 36th anniversary of the sect.
The group’s leader said what the ruling party needed to do was to assure that those who defected from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the party were watched to ensure that they do not tarnish the good intention of President Muhammadu Buhari.
The cleric also stated that defection of some PDP members to APC was to escape prosecution for offences of which they had been accused.
According Maharaj, Nigeria was in need of leaders like Buhari in order to create a new country to be proud of. He said: “If this is complied with, APC will stand by the name of Maharaj ji.
“I will make sure I support the party so that Nigeria would be free to enjoy the dividends of democracy. “Those that steal Nigeria’s money cannot escape; they would be fished out and forced to return every kobo they have stolen.
“I recommend to the federal government to give 1% of any loot recovered to any Nigerian who is able to offer fruitful information on such hidden money. “This would assist in the speedy recovery of stolen money and create a new image for Nigeria to the outside world. “Presently, the whole world looks at Nigeria as a country that encourages corruption.”
The spiritual leader also reacted to Donald Trump’s victory as American president-elect, saying that the new administration would bring greater benefits to Africa and the global community.
Maharaj believes that Trump is a wise man, judging from his plans to tackle illegal migration and terrorism. The cleric, who calls himself the ‘Living Perfect Master’, disclosed how the Super Eagles will bring the cup home at the 2014 world cup in Brazil if they could only come and test his mighty powers.
 However, before the 2015 presidential election, he claimed that there was “no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock” for the APC candidate.


Thus Many Nigerians took to the social media to share their opinions after hearing the prophesy of Guru Maharaj Ji that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will rule beyond 2019 in the country. Some believed it, some said it is a blatant lie, some took the ‘lets wait and see’ attitude.

  1. no weapon formed against naija shall prosper back to sender
     Festus Ola
  2. May the lord almighty be with his people in Nigeria. No eveil’s words shall come to pass on us in jesus name. Amen. Holy ghost fire!

    Dada Adewale Sunday

  3. We reject Guru Maharaji curse upon Nigeria in Jesus name. it is his family house that they will rule in JESUS mighty name. Enough of hunger, suffering and pains of unemployment, job sack etc. BACK TO SEND3R.Nigerians earnestly pray for a change of this incompetent failure comes 2019.
  4. Sagir Carioca

  5. stupid man shea u said PMB will nver rule nigeria.
  6. @shehusani @MobilePunch why do news papers grant interviews to irrelevant people

  7. @MobilePunch which maharaji (Indian one or African one) Stop all these worthless talks.

  8. Na lie APC is dead already.
  9. Prophecy season we’re here by God’s grace and mercy no shaking. We’ll see

    @MobilePunch.Na so Ogbulafo. V. talk about PDP b4,we are waiting to see dat dream,from Guru Maraji & odas.

    @MobilePunch if PMB contest they won’t have my vote. His purpose was to remove GEJ, he has nothing to offer besides that. Even Osinbajo

    @MobilePunch Who is the new NSA ? See one prophet you should invest in immediately!

  10. We shall see. May Almighty Allah spare our life
  11. Seeking relevance and recognition

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