Shame! See Prostitute Desperate for Customers Flashes Her Private Part at Motorists in Public (Photo)


The world is really coming to an end. A desperate Kenyan prostitute in need of a customer has left motorists in shock as she raised her clothe to flash her private parts just to attract customers in public.



The shameless prostitute flashing her privates at motorists
The baffling incident left many who saw her in shock and wondering what the world was turning into. This shameless prostitute could be seen blocking the motorist’s way as she raised her dress to show her privates.
Prostitutes have gone on the prowl these days as the economic recession bites heavily on people. Recently, a prostitute was exposed in a viral Whatsapp chat pricing with a man how much he can pay for her services and the packages she would render him if he can play ball.
Many girls have now turned social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat, etc into a booming s*x market.


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