See Photo Of An Igbo Businessman Stark Naked, As He Curses ‘Rich’ debtor! *SEE MORE PHOTOS*


An Igbo businessman has shocked residents of Abuja as he took off his clothes publicly and went stark naked to demand for the money he was being owed by an alleged rich debtor.

The incident was reported to have happened at Ali Akilu Street in the highbrow Asokoro District in Abuja.

Apparently tired of the numerous excuses of the alleged rich debtor, the businessman, whose identity was not revealed resorted to the method of going stark naked in the house of his debtor just to compel him to settle the debt.business2

An eyewitness said, “He stripped totally naked, went to the rich man’s house in broad daylight and began to curse him.

“He gave him an ultimatum to pay him back his money or face the consequences.

“He also claimed that the debtor had threatened to lock him up if he continued to demand for his money.”



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