Reverend Father ‘Caught’ Dancing With Masquerade (photos) …. *See What Nigerians Are Saying*

A yet to be identified Catholic priest has elicited mixed reactions from people, after pictures of him dancing with a masquerade circulated online. The priest was reportedly dancing with the masquerade during a cultural day gathering of seminarians in a seminary school, while people looked on. He also had a traditional hand fan in his hand, with which he probably gave the masquerade a normal ‘may you live long‘ tap on the back. This action has somehow attracted the anger and misgivings of some people who think a ‘Man of God’ should not have anything to do with masquerades who are usually associated with idol worship.

priest with masquerade

According to the Facebook user identified as Emeka Promise who shared it, this happened: “This happened at Saint Paul’s Catholic Church Ukpo Nnewi. But Catholics said they are not Idol worshipers. What is the relationship between a priest (so called) and masquerade. I’m not sorry to say, “God have mercy on all Catholics “.

All I see in Roman Catholic Church is all-round idol worship. I don’t care to know what you may think about me for telling you the truth. Repent and join a Bible believing church. You are too precious to go to hell fire.” See some reactions below: Nuela Okenwa: “Those Masquerades were also made by seminarians just as a cultural display and entertainment, if u happen to be present and grace such occasions you will learn a lot and appreciate our cultural heritage not minding d facts that some evil people mixed evil in some of our culture making people that lack such understanding see it as an evil.” Chiamaka Ogbuchiekwe: “Yes it is bad! how can a reverend father dance with masquerade whether it is students that clothe themselves with that? It is bad, everything has a spirit behind it and masquerade is evidently one if u belong to light do belong there, if u did not belong to masquerade in my eye and thinking is bad.”

Blessing Uruakpa: “Ask yourself, is this in the Bible? you claim that u are serving God but you are serving Satan” Onu Rochas Ebuka: “You guys should shut your dirty mouths up if you don’t know what to say or how to defend your atrocities… Whatever that priest is doing with the masquerade is wrong… and I think the so called Catholics should pls educate their priests more on ethics and behaviors… I have one day met a certain Catholic priest in a beer parlour drinking alcohol with friends so this shouldn’t be a surprise to me…”

Favour Offia: “It is wrong, for a priest to fan or dance with a masquerade. It amounts to idol worshipping”

Blessing Uruakpa: “You called yourself servant of God but you are partaking in the tables of demons”

Sunny Amaka: “This is not a real masquerade…. is just a cultural feast day organized by students in seminary school…. You guys should grow up and let catholic and our ordained priests to rest…. Haba!!!!”

Herbert Chinedum: “lol… The devil comes to church to deceive children of God out of Christendom, I don’t see anything wrong in a priest a priest identifying with these masquerades as long as the sole aim is to bring them to the knowledge of truth.

Don’t we have evangelists and preachers who go to nightclubs and brothels to preach, does that make them prostitutes?… I’m not a member of the catholic faith, mind you.”

Daniel Uche: “ 1) Is masquerade an idol? If yes! Please explain? 2) if father Christmas an idol? If no! Why? 3) Can you list the components of a masquerade?

In summary, as the scripture said; be not gods for yourselves… judge not, let you not be judged. The pictures you saw was a seminary school display in a drama. Let practice the true Christianity & not doctoring or belief. Thank you. Waiting to be educated on the above questions.” What do you think?



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