RCCG Pastor’s Son Killed in Beer Parlour!


A 21-year-old Solomon Odekunle, son of a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God had been killed in a popular hangout, Piper’s Bar and Grill, in Ottawa, Canada.

According to Ottawa’s CBC News, Solomon was stabbed by a suspect, who has been identified as 27-year-old Joe Ndikuriyo. He was the 17th victim of homicide in Ottawa since the beginning of 2016.

Ndikuriyo is a Burundian national.

According to report, he was stabbed during a fight between Ndikuriyo and another individual over a woman.

He was admitted to the University of Ottawa in 2012 to study Economics.

Solomon’s sister, Deborah, who is also studying in Canada, shared heart-breaking story on Twitter on how her brother was killed.

According to her, she saw him last week before the incident.

She said, “If I did know it would be your last, I would have given you more than a fist bump. I would have gotten down on my knees and give you the deepest bro-hug.

“If I did know it would be your last, I would have pleaded with the drama leader to allow the rehearsal to linger a little so you and Peter could make us giggle a little more with some frog jump.

“If I did know it would be your last, I would have treasured those great words you shared with me a couple of months ago in the technical department, have them handwritten with the best calligraphic pens, framed and given to you right after doing those frog jumps.
“To the Solomon I saw last week, to the Solomon that finally got his picture taken properly last week, to the Solomon with an intellectual smile and chubby cheeks, to the Solomon his friends described as kind-hearted and meek, see you next.”

Deborah explained that her father would be attending a wake organised to take place on Friday (yesterday).

“We would be having a memorial service for Solomon in Ottawa Friday evening and it is open to anyone that would like to come. Please, if you make it down, don’t cry because my dad would be there. I also believe that as Christians, we do not mourn, we celebrate life,” Deborah said.

One friend wrote: “I’m lost for words. Rest in peace, Solomon. Such a gentle, polite, well mannered, intelligent, kind hearted young man! This is terribly sad.”

One of Solomon’s lecturers, Ryan Katz-Rosene, also tweeted, “(I am) absolutely devastated to learn of death of my#uOttawa student,#SolomonOdekunle – a kind, thoughtful and bright young man. May he rest in peace.”

“We do have some bloodletting that covered quite an extensive area, we have to make sure it’s all connected to the same incident. As we investigate further, we’ll be able to tighten up that scene and make it smaller and smaller,” Pirt said in a report by CBC News.


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