Pro-Patience Jonathan Protesters: Civil Liberties Organization Makes Categorical statement


The Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) has disowned some individuals who carry the organization’s placards during public protests, insisting that the protesters are not members of the CLO.

In a statement released today and signed by its president, Uche Wisdom Durueke, the CLO stated that its leadership had become aware of “a recent protest where certain individuals, in order to cause mischief, carried placards bearing CIVIL LIBERTIES ORGANIZATIONS,” adding, “those individuals are not members of the CIVIL LIBERTIES ORGANIZATION.”

The statement assured “the bona fide members of the organization and the public that CLO will not condescend so low to embark on such an infantile protest.” In addition to disassociating itself from the protest, the CLO promised to take steps to expose those who have been impersonating its membership and causing embarrassment to the organization.


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