“No, Buhari, Not A Failure, But A Disaster” — Femi Aribisala EXPLODES

Femi Aribisala

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Veteran journalist and faith columinst, Femi Aribisala has described the Buhari’s administration as a disaster.

Aribisala, who is also a pastor and international affairs expert, made the comment via his Twitter page on Thursday, November 30.

Femi Aribisala
Buhari is not a failure, he is a disaster!
11:52 PM – Nov 29, 2017

In a follow up tweet, Aribisala went on to list six reasons why he thinks the president is a disaster.

See below: 1. Fighting national health with medical tourism

2. Fighting national integration with Fulani herdsmen

3. Fighting unemployment with nepotism

4.Fighting federal character with 97% & 5%

5. Fighting Boko Haram with Jonathan’s weapons

6. Making the naira equal to the dollar.


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