‘Why I am Still Single’ —-Romangoddess, Nigerian Instagram Babe Shows Her ‘Stuffs’

A Nigerian Instagram babe, Romangoddess, is fast becoming an Internet sensation as photos of her has been flooding the web.
One of the main thing that captures people’s attention is the impressive size of her breasts. In all her photos, she makes sure she draws attention to her very endowed bust and how sexy they are.

Roman goddess

The Instagram babes shows off her curves quite often share it

She brags that she is a luxury only few can afford She posted a photo recently and captioned it with the words,
“When people ask me why am single >> I’m a luxury few can afford”

Her statement was a response to people constantly asking her why she is still single. Check out some more photos of her below. She poses in front of a mirror to take this shot of her bust.

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We see her showing off her curvy figure in a pair of jeans and cleavage-revealing blouse.


She rocks a revealing top as she showcases her curves.

Romangoddess has a lot going on for her, here are a few myths and realities about women with ample bust



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