‘Help! Legendary Nollywood Actor Tunde Alabi’s Legs May Be Amputated Any Moment From Now!


Legendary Nollywood actor, Tunde Alabi, is reportedly battling an ailment at the Lagos General Hospital.

The ‘Village Headmaster’ actor is lying critically ill with one of his leg set for amputation in order to save his life, Vanguard gathered.

The veteran actor has reportedly been battling diabetes for years with no treatment because of lack of money. All efforts to get for help from different quarters were said to have proven abortive.

Following his health state, renowned actor and movie director, Paul Julius, among others, have urged well-meaning Nigerians to come to his aid financially.

Julius said Alabi is currently down with ailment which has put his right leg in danger to the point of amputation if urgent help is not given.

He said, “If there’s a better word to use in place of veteran, then that should come for this old war horse in the world of make-believe.

“Uncle Tunde Alabi has been on the acting scene since the glorious days of television drama in Nigeria and he’s today one of the last of that octopus called The Village Headmaster, a television drama that was the in-thing in its days on national television.

“He’s laying helplessly at the General Hospital, Lagos waiting to lose his right leg or even worse.

“He has done his part in putting smiles on faces and happiness in the lives of millions home and abroad, it’s our turn to help him.

“Nothing is too small. He will appreciate your candid help. Thanks and God bless,” Julius said.


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