Erotic Story: 22-year-old Lady Narrates S*xual Experience …”How She F*CK Both Father and Son’


I am a 22-year-old lady dating a 64-year-old man. I know how I must look to people. Believe me, I know. Whenever we go out, we get suspicious and judgmental looks from a lot of people who eventually took in his fancy car and expensive wristwatch and conclude I was probably there for the money.
Maybe I was, but I also loved Badmus very much. Sure, he bought me whatever I wanted and spent a lot on me, but I also truly enjoy his company and loved being with him. I spent more time in his house than in mine.
I cooked for him and took care of him. He was widowed so he did not have a woman in his life. He had a son by his wife, though, but he was hardly ever around. I had learned not to let what others thought to bother me and just enjoy my relationship with him.
One Saturday morning, I went to Badmus’ house to check on him and also to get some money as I had some things to buy. I met him having breakfast with his son, David. David was nearing 30 but he was also very handsome, like his father. He acknowledged my presence with a stony ‘hello.’ Well, I had also already made peace with the fact that David and I will probably never be close.
It broke Badmus’ heart, however, that David was not nice to his girlfriend. So that morning, he suggested that David would be the one to take me shopping. I did not argue, and neither did David. We both realise that when Badmus made up his mind, he hardly ever changed it. He called his chauffeur, telling him not to bother coming over as he had made other plans.
The tension was very evident as David drove me around. I tried to strike up a conversation but he either ignored me or gave one-worded or rude answers. After a few attempts, I gave up and just sat silently beside him as he drove.
After a couple of hours, I bought the things I needed. I requested that he drove me to my own flat so I could drop off a few things. He sighed and frowned like he was in pain.
“Look, if you have a problem with me, just say it,” I snapped, having had enough.
“Ok! Fine! I think you are taking advantage of my dad’s generosity and I think he is too lovesick to notice.”
“Are you calling me a gold digger,” I asked angrily.
“Why else are you with him? You are a young, beautiful woman. What would you want in a man that was nearing his 70s.”
I was taken aback by his odd compliment. This disarmed me so I calmly said, “I care for him, no matter what you believe and he cares for me too. There are other things I love apart from his money.”
“Like what?”
I did not answer. We soon got to my place and I got out of the car as soon as he parked.
He followed me up to my flat and stood in the living room while I took some stuff to the bedroom. When I was done, I turned around to see him standing at the entrance of my bedroom.
“You did not answer my question,” he said.
The look in his eyes was making me a little nervous. “What question?”
He walked menacingly toward me. I kept shifting backwards until I hit a wall behind me. He came closer, pinning me to the wall. “What about my father interests you?”
I was scared now. “I…I…wh….” I could not compose a sentence as I was worried about what his game was.
His hands came to settle around my waist and he pushed so closely that I could feel his erection poking against my stomach.
“What? You have no answer for me?” he said, as he brought his head down and kissed the crook of my neck. I was rooted on the spot. I considered screaming but I doubt anyone could hear and besides, the last thing I wanted to do was to make him angry.
His hands moved upward from my waist to the sides of my stomach and came to rest on my breasts. I was breathing fast now, not knowing what to say. He moved his face and rested his lips on mine. He then began to kiss me, urging my mouth to open.
I tried to keep it clamped shut but his hand had begun rubbing my breast and nipple through my blouse. I held his wrist and tried to tell him to stop but as soon as I opened my mouth to form the words, his tongue invaded me. He pinned me even harder against the wall with his body and mouth. My sounds were muffled and his hand moved out of mine and slipped underneath my blouse.
He found my bra and pushed the top down, his cool hand kneading my breast. At one point, I began to kiss him back, my fear turning into arousal. He moaned triumphantly in my mouth as he teased my nipple to submission.
He removed his lips from mine and pulled my blouse over my head. His hands went to unclasp my bra and he kissed my breasts as they fell out. He flicked his tongue over my boobs and I moaned, putting my own hands around him.
“I knew you were a slut. I knew it!” He growled against my breasts.
I no longer cared what he was saying as his hand had unzipped my jeans and clawed into my c*nt. I began grinding against him as his finger entered me. I pushed my hips up and down, fucking his finger with my wet cunt.
He shifted away from me and took off his trousers. He then undressed me and pushed me towards the bed.
“Turn around, I want to see that ass.” He growled again.
My p*ssy was wet and throbbing. I did not care what he said or what he wanted. I just wanted that hard cock I felt earlier to enter me. I climbed on the bed and went on all fours. He came to kneel behind me. He rubbed my ass lustfully for a while. He then brought his hard cock towards my c*nt, and finding my entrance, he slipped in.
I grabbed onto the sheets as he grabbed my ass. He slid in and out of my juicy p*ssy so sweetly that I moaned out loud. Badmus’ was good in bed, but not like this. He lacked the agility that naturally came to the youth. I did not realise how much I was missing out on until his son was f*cking me so hard and fast, I felt like I was flying in the air.
I pushed my ass back to meet his thrust. His grip on my ass became tighter as he fucked me. Every once in awhile, he would give me a light spank and I would moan. I shifted against him hungrily, bringing my hand to my p*ssy and began to rub. I rubbed my c*nt until my climax hit me and overtook me. I was shuddering against him.
His d*ck, now covered in my wetness, was sliding into me even harder. I cried out again as he began to hit my cervix. It hurt and felt good at the same time. He brought his finger into my a*shole and began to tease the entrance. I just about passed out in pleasure. He kept going that way, ramming into me harder and harder until he pushed deeply into me and spilled his seed.
After a few minutes, we were dressed and heading for Badmus house. He had a big smile on his face upon noticing that David and I seemed to be getting along. I wondered how long I was going to keep this secret and whether or not David and I would get another chance to f*ck again.
I wanted him. Even as I hugged Badmus and said thank you for giving me money for shopping, I thought about his son’s big c*ck inside of my and my p*ssy tingled hungrily.
Credits: Hot Pulse

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