My Dad Sleeps With My Sister, Schooling In Covenant University, Now He Wants To Sleep With My Wife — Frustrated Man Cries Out With Video Evidence!

fustrated man

Thanks for always giving opportunity to people to air their pains and trauma .Actually not everyone is interested in your problems

Please i need urgent advise as i am going crazy.My dad whom i respect so much and a High Chief in my village in Edo North.

I just found out is a ritualistic because how can he explain his sleeping with my sister ,his daughter?Actually My Father is influential and a rich man who stays in Lagos at Highbrow Ikoyi

.My Mum died some years ago and left behind myself and my sister.My Mum had my sister when she was a bit old at the age of 45.My Dad is above 65 while i am 38 years of age .

My sister is 22 very pretty with lots of curves .My sister schools at covenant university and presently in 200 level.This xmas break i and my equally beautiful and endowed wife visited my Father to spend the holidays with him.

During our stay i decided to check on my dad at about 1am in his quarters to inform him of a contract i was bidding for and was awarded /Actually its a big job that would forever change my life .

As soon as i got the call out of excitement i hurried to inform my dad knowing maybe he could be up reading his dailies .Oh getting to his room unannounced i met my kid sister giving my father a blow Job(So disgusting) i was standing there hearing her moans and that of my dad too .I was so angry that i left unnoticed but not after getting a recorded tape of the immoral act.

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I confronted my sister the next morning with the sex tape only for she to plead with me that after the demise of My Mum my dad approached her for him to date her and offered her 1 million naira every month for her services .My kid sister who loves money a lot jumped at the offer.

Now i am finally going insane because when i met my wife and confided in her about what transpired she opened up to me my dad has been asking her out since the day we stepped our foot in his premises .She even said that as we speak he offered to pay her 10 million Naira for just a single round.

This is same man i asked for 10 million to finance a project just last month and he refused me saying he was broke this period.

My wife begged for forgiveness saying she never knew how to tell me cos she was scared i wont believe her .

Now what do i do ? should i release the sex tape to the public?

But i cant mess my sister up


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